Awasi Atacama

Awasi Atacama - Chile - Excursion View

The desert is a special, open, empty place. Anyone can roam freely there, striding across landscapes of unearthly beauty for hours. One of the most gorgeous deserts in the world is also the least known to travelers – the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. Located at the border juncture of Chile and

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Little Kulala Camp and Lodge

Little Kulala - Namibia - Outdoor

Situated conveniently between Namibia’s desert expanse and the Atlantic coast is the massive 37k hectare Kulala Wilderness Reserve. The Lodge is nestled within this impressive exposition of African wilderness. A self described organic camp, the finest natural fibres and exotic hardwoods were employed in the construction of this immaculate

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Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp - Lounge & Restaurant Tent with Outdoor Fire Pit

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp – Eight rooms in a lunar landscape Opened in August 2014 and only accessible by light aircraft, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is located close to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and straddles between both the Skeleton Coast National Park and the Palmwag region. Surrounded by barren mountains, gravel plains and large yellow sand dunes it may give the appearance

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Five incredible desert adventures

People do not often associate deserts with holidays, vacations or getaways. But they can be a very unique destination that can offer what the usual conventional holiday spots can’t. These desert adventures are holidays with a real difference. From intriguing landscapes to thrilling journeys, soak in the sun and relish the heat. But do not fret – you can do

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Wide Open Baja

Trail blazing with Wide Open Baja

Wide Open Baja sets the benchmark for extreme adventure travel. Guests on a Wide Open Baja excursion are given an opportunity to drive a race prepared Baja Challenge Car. The basis for all of Wide Open Baja’s excursions is the cars that guests are taught to drive. The vehicle itself is $100k race prepared

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Umaid Bhawan Palace


The magnificent Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is one of the world’s largest private residences Umaid Bhawan Palace, an impressive and magnificent golden–yellow sandstone edifice in the heart of the desert capital of Jodhpur, stamps a commanding presence.  Set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens, the Art Deco style palace was the last of India’s great palaces and was one

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Hud Hud Travels

Hud Hud Travels - Desert - Oman

This is an escapade that is beyond the ordinary. Imagine being in the middle of the desert, sleeping under canvas and revelling in the sublime wilderness of Oman. This is not a survival camp – this is a luxury retreat, all made possible by Hud Hud Travels, Oman’s leading provider of

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