TYPE 3 by Ressence


If perfection is the child of time then that child’s name would be TYPE 3 by Ressence. The watch has been designed and engineered by Benoit Mintiens of Antwerp in Belgium. In the quest for simplicity Ressence has removed the crown, giving the TYPE 3 watch a pure and minimalist character. In

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360fly - camera - snow

The latest 360fly camera from EyeSee360 is rather mind-blowing. Imagine Google Street View – or Google Business View for that matter – where you can swipe to pan and pinch to zoom, but where you see actual moving vehicles and pedestrians. This is the type of visual experience that can be achieved when using a 360fly

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FEDDZ, an epically green e-bike

FEDDZ, an epically green e-bike The definition of electromobility or E-mobility as its better known means a clean and environmentally friendly electric vehicle. The FEDDZ is exactly this, except for one added feature.  It looks great. Minimal in design, the FEDDZ Premium is powered by a 48V Lithium-ion battery. Connected to the drive train are the three low gears that

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Inflatable Church

Inflatable Church-BlueSky

As Lord Swinton once said “we want the air to unite the peoples and not to divide them”. Well what can be a better way to unite people than in an inflatable church. Designed and manufactured by Innovations Xtreme Inflatables, the inflatable outdoor church gives couples the opportunity have a church

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