Simple elegance and casual luxury in the heart of Copenhagen’s historic quarter Nestled in a quiet street in Copenhagen’s historic centre, the city’s newest boutique hotel, Sanders, is a design destination in itself. Created by former ballet dancer Alexander Kølpin, it strikes just the right note of casual elegance, with its colonial-meets-contemporary aesthetic. Guest accommodations, which range from snug singles

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Le Royal Monceau

After a radical makeover by renowned designer Philippe Starck, Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris has been reborn as the hippest of urban hotels. Here, art reigns supreme: it adorns the walls of the private gallery, it’s the focus of many a title in the Art Bookstore and is top of the agenda on

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In Residence

The In Residence collection comprises a portfolio of exclusive private villas available for short term stays in Southern Africa. Elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of In Residence: every property in their select portfolio is a masterpiece of architectural and interior design, offset by outstanding views. In Residence knows that every

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Le Chalet Zannier

Le Chalet Zannier is a true mountain retreat in Megève

Found in the heart of the famous Alpine village of Megève, Le Chalet Zannier is a true mountain retreat. The luxurious and cosy hideaway has been designed by integrating local culture and expertise.  The architectural choices and interiors wish to highlight a kind of minimalism based on simplicity.  Antique objects

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Baumraum Treehouse Designers

Baumraum Treehouse Designers - Night

Having a rich and long history, treehouses can be traced as far back as the middle ages when Franciscan monks used basic rooms built in the trees as place to meditate in. During the 1500’s a treehouse was considered a ‘must have’ in Florentine gardens. From Royalty to heads of state, even the venerable

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TYPE 3 by Ressence


If perfection is the child of time then that child’s name would be TYPE 3 by Ressence. The watch has been designed and engineered by Benoit Mintiens of Antwerp in Belgium. In the quest for simplicity Ressence has removed the crown, giving the TYPE 3 watch a pure and minimalist character. In

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