Haugan Cruises

Haugan Cruises Exterior View

With more than 16 years of experience, Haugan Cruises features exclusive cruise programs that are hard to match. MC Petrel, MC Ocean Spray, and the new MT Camila comprise this company’s fleet of luxury vessels. The boats deliver client-oriented service that is rarely

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Santa Cruz II

Santa Cruz II Yacht Exterior

Santa Cruz II is a Galapagos cruise aboard a state-of-the-art cruiser of the same name. The promise at the outset is a first-hand insight into the unique natural beauties and endemic species of the islands. The cruiser’s 50 contemporary cabins are spread over

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Yacht La Pinta

Yacht La Pinta, Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands

Metropolitan Touring’s Yacht La Pinta is the result of the company’s six decades of experience in the Galápagos: she’s a distillation of the wish lists generated by captains, expedition leaders, hotel managers and guests over many years. The yacht accommodates 48 guests, ideal for travellers looking for a sophisticated, upscale experience

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Latin Trails

Latin Trails, Ecuador, Galapagos

The staff and guides of Latin Trails create a unique set of South American adventure experts who operate chiefly from the country of Ecuador. Offering visitors the opportunity to travel interactively, each tour and itinerary created by Latin Trails exemplifies the luxury and opulence of the region. Guests will stay in the finest

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Galapagos Aggressor I

Galapagos Aggressor I, a wild marine safari in Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands’ protected Marine Reserve is ranked as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Galapagos offers some of the most challenging and spectacular dive experiences where divers encounter many large pelagic species including whale sharks, schools of hammerhead sharks, sea lions,

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Aracari - Lauca National Park

Aracari’s approach to travel in Peru has been exceptional in that the company has cast a discerning eye over the country’s highlights while forging a network of its key protagonists. Prominent historians, archaeologists, artists and dignitaries all help to make unique encounters available to Aracari’s clientele, offering an authentic glance into Peruvian history, art and culture

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