Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites

Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites - Mykonos

A unique design boutique hotel, Kenshō Boutique Hotel & Suites opened its doors in the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. With an innovative way, Kenshō combines the Mykonian tradition with the natural wealth of the island through a minimalistic and elegant approach.  The “hidden treasure” bedecked with unique

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Eclectic Greece

Eclectic Greece mixes the authentic with the exclusive

Eclectic is the one who selects the best from different styles and creates a unique bland to match his or her own personal taste. Eclectic Greece offers discerning travellers a custom-made experience that best fits what they are looking for according to their personal taste, ethics and wishes. Eclectic Greece creates authentic,

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Original Senses

Original Senses - Santorini - Greece

The modern world owes much to the nation of Greece. When you wish to travel through this thoroughly modern nation, Original Senses is a great destination master for planning a unique journey. Whether you intend to travel alone, with your family, or as part of a larger corporate gathering, the

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Amanzoe - Greece - Central Terrace

If you fly southwest from the renowned capital of Greece, Athens, you will soon come to the Argolida Peninsula, a spur of Greek land jutting into the Saronic Gulf from the eastern side of the larger Pelopennese landscape. On the far side of this large promontory, isolated and sun-baked, you will find Amanzoe,

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Kudos Life Experiences

Kudos Life Experiences - Greece - KLE Thasos

Greece, the cradle of civilization, with its crystal clear waters, whitewashed houses and wonderful food welcomes you. Visit one or more of the 227 inhabited islands where some of the oldest European civilizations were developed and see the ancient archeological sites and experience local customs and traditions dating back hundreds of years.

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Travelive Greece

Travelive Greece - Santorini

Travelive is a global destination master that specializes in Greek holiday escapes. Their unique list of elegant offerings span from the traditional luxury vacation to the more exotic Mediterranean cruise and bespoke private yacht charters. Well respected throughout Europe and the United States are a provider of the finest

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Acroterra Rosa Luxury Suites

Acroterra Rosa Luxury Suites Swimming Pool with Sunloungers

Built uniquely for the elite jet set traveller, the Acroterra Rosa Luxury Suites provide the utmost in privacy and self-indulgence in Greece. Located in Acrotiri, this exquisite hotel is set above the renowned Santorini Caldera, offering some of the most breathtaking views in the Mediterranean. The sunsets visible each evening

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