Schiller X1

With estimated number of cyclists in the world being between two and four billion people. With all of these people riding on a third of the world’s surface area, it’s no wonder the Schiller X1 water bike was created. Designed and engineered to bring the excitement of cycling to the open

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Ethos 30

Ethos 30 - Marine

The Ethos 30 is a nautical first.  Described as being a hybrid crossover, the Ethos 30 is designed with a main deck that can support a range of modular components. The components can transform this watercraft from an open deck layout to an enclosed cabin with a lounge area.   These components can also change

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Scrooser-Cruising on a Scrooser

According to a report from Wards Auto, the number of cars on the world’s roads exceeded one billion. Considering the first affordable car for the masses only went into production in 1908, this is staggeringly high figure. There are two by-products of the boom in the automotive industry, one of which follows the other. The first

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Ambient Glow Technology

Ambient Glow Technology - UV-powered-surface-lights-pathways-at-night

With so many alternative light solutions on the market, it’s hard to differentiate between them. This, however is not the problem for Ambient Glow Technology. AGT has managed to set themselves apart by offering glow in the dark technology for almost any lighting solution required. AGT products would probably look just at home

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E-Glide Electric Skateboard

Terra Surfing on an E-Glide electric skateboard

Terra Surfing on an E-Glide electric skateboard Originating somewhere between the 1940’s and 50’s, skateboarding was created by surfers looking to surf something when the waves were flat.  Since then the skateboarding scene has evolved in a physically demanding action sport, with many different branches flowing from the original art form. One such branch of the ever evolving world of

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