Caballadas - Guests riding horses through river

The stunning environment of Patagonia offers a sight quite unlike anything else you may experience around the world, featuring colossal mountains and beautiful plains that stretch as far as the eye can see. It is this natural wonder that Caballadas bring its guests, offering them the chance to learn about the millions

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La Bamba de Areco

La Bamba de Areco - Pool Area in the Gardens

Located in the heart of the Pampas, 120kms from Buenos Aires near a town called San Antonio de Areco, what is now a boutique hotel, is La Bamba de Areco. Once a great mansion built around a courtyard this impressive building underwent extensive renovation and had additional buildings added to

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Five of the Finest Properties Centred Around Horses

Ranch at Rock Creek - Guests Horseback Riding through Nature

Five of the finest properties centred around horses:  Proving that a sustainable resort can be just as luxurious as a five star hotel, the Mustang Monument Eco Resort in Nevada. As a reserve and preservation area for wild horses, this all-inclusive ranch offers global travellers the opportunity to unite with the land and wonders of Western nature. Through a

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African Horseback Safaris

African Horseback Safaris - Botswana - Safari

African Horseback Safaris offers highly personalised riding adventures in the exclusive wilderness of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Ride amongst herds of loping giraffe, splash through flooded plains with rare lechwe antelope and stealthily track elephant and buffalo through palm–studded islands. Bordering the famous Moremi Game Reserve, Macatoo

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The Ranch at Rock Creek

Ranch at Rock Creek - Granite Lodge Exterior

In a valley etched over a million years, encompassed by the Rocky Mountains, travellers will find a western paradise in Philipsburg, Montana. The Ranch at Rock Creek gloriously combines luxury services and accommodation with genuine western ranch life to create a unique American destination. The area of Philibsburg has borne

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Polo by the Sea

Polo by the Sea - Players in Action 2

Polo by the Sea – a different take on polo Down Under-style It takes a healthy dose of Aussie flair to take something that could traditionally be seen as the elitist Sport of Kings and turn it into an extravaganza that introduces the sport of polo to a much wider audience, while promoting professional polo players and attracting new players

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The Cartier Queen’s Cup

Cartier Polo Queen's Club - Score Board

The leading jewellery brand Cartier is once again bringing their unique blend of style, elegance and glamour to the world-renowned Queen’s Cup polo competition, which has an extremely rich historical heritage and brings together the sport’s leading players from across the globe. The trophy was first

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Mustang Monument Eco Resort

Mustang Monument Eco-Resort - Horse among Wigwam Tents at Dusk

As a sustainable resort for wild horses, the Mustang Monument is surrounded by majestic mountains in a beautiful setting just south of Wells, Nevada.  Promising an unforgettable safari adventure, the 900 square mile plus resort combines luxury with its ‘Wild West’ roots to give guests the experience

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Jumping Antwerpen

Jumping Antwerpen - Belgium - Flanders

Longines Global Champions Tour returns to Antwerp for the second round of its 2015 edition from 22-25th April, after ‘Jumping Antwerpen’ successfully hosted the season’s opener of the Champions Tour in 2014. Last year’s inaugural Grand Prix was won by American double Olympic Silver medallist McLain Ward with his feisty Rothchild,

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