Experience Exquisite Mediterranean Opulence in Mallorca

If you are looking for the ultimate Mediterranean-style luxury that will pamper all of your senses, you shouldn’t miss this beautiful Balearic Island.

Mallorca Luxury Travel Inspiration

We may assume, with a great level of certainty, that the entire island of Mallorca is one giant inspiration for high-end travel. No matter how demanding your requests might be, rest assured that there is a place in Mallorca that can cater to your needs. From yachting clubs to terrace-top invitation-only parties, Mallorca offers you the level of prestige and exclusivity that few other destinations can match.

However, if you are into a more laid-back kind of holiday away from the hustle and bustle of busy urban centers, you can find tranquility at some of the boutique hotels and spas on the island. They offer any treatment your body and soul may need with a full concierge service at your disposal. These, in some cases small, usually privately-owned accommodations are designed with great attention to detail. They combine the convenience of modern customer service and amenities with the architecture and interior design that reflects the historical significance of this Mediterranean island.

Mallorca features plenty of historical sites…

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Nestled on the foothills of the Tramuntana, Canet is a luxurious manor set in a picturesque estate. The estate itself covers an amazing 300 acres of land at the UNESCO-protected Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca. Beyond the gate, a long driveway opens to a painstakingly restored 13th-century country

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Cap Rocat

Occupying a 2km stretch of the Mallorca coastline, and almost invisible from the sea, Cap Rocat is a 19th century military fortress turned romantic seafront sanctuary. An artful conversion project has preserved the turrets, ramparts and drawbridges, whilst adding elegant patios, sumptuous suites and a dazzling infinity pool with

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Hotel Es Princep

Located above the old city walls of Palma de Mallorca, the five-star boutique hotel Es Princep boasts an enviable location within walking distance of the city’s main attractions and views that stretch across the bay. Fashionable and friendly, you’ll find an expansive roof terrace that is all chill out vibes by day – perfect

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Castell Son Claret


Mallorca, and its capital city of Palma, has become an international tourist destination with the island’s many beaches and idyllic weather. A mountain range to the northwest, the Serra de Tramuntana, features so many glorious cliffs and rocky structures that they were deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

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Hotel Cort

Hotel Cort - Palma - Mallorca - The Private Suite

The Balearic Islands lie in the Mediterranean Sea, about twenty to thirty miles off the eastern coast of Spain, near the cities of Valencia and Barcelona. They are dry and sun-soaked, and enjoy mild seasons of perfect summer weather. The largest of the islands is Mallorca, and in the southwestern corner of

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Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa

Son Brull Hotel & Spa, Mallorca - Spain - Terrace

Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa – For those looking to be pampered in elegant, historical surroundings When an eighteenth century Jesuit monastery is lovingly and painstakingly transformed into a luxury hotel, the result is a one of a kind destination on the countryside of Mallorca. Conjuring visions of antiquated times, the property at Son Brull Hotel and Spa blends

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Boutique Hotel Calatrava

Boutique Hotel Calatrava - Spain - View

Prominently seated at the Plaza Llorenc Villalonga, where the Bay of Palma meets the picturesque coastline, is the luxury Boutique Hotel Calatrava. Steeped in 13th century Majorcan tradition, with undeniable influences from both the Muslim and Jewish faiths, this exquisite destination provides ethereal views and authentic opulence. Narrow Arabian

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Belmond La Residencia

La Residencia - Spain - Mallorca - Garden

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful green mountains that comprise much of Mallorca’s north-west coast, Belmond La Residencia is a hidden gem of a boutique hotel that offers one of the most luxurious experiences in all of Spain. The absolutely stunning scenery is complemented by a pair of

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Can Alomar

Can Alomar - Spain - Mallorca - Palma

The exquisite Can Alomar Luxury Boutique Hotel is located in the historic district of Palm, Mallorca, where there once stood a 15th century Gothic Place. In keeping with the heritage of the neighbourhood, this stately manse was reconstructed to offer the finest luxury while paying homage to its generational roots. As a

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Convent de la Missio

Hotel Convent de la Missio - Suite

Convent de la Missio – Where Seclusion Becomes Luxury in Mallorca In the heart of Palma’s historic town centre, Convent de la Missio once provided a cloistered place for the educational pursuits of Spanish missionaries. Today, the seventeenth century convent serves as a luxury hotel for elite and discriminating travellers. Cloistered Quarters and Culinary Creativity With an intimate 14 room facility,

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