Lose Yourself in Mauritius the Heavenly Volcanic Island

Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island nation that will amaze you with its dreamy lagoons, pristine sandy beaches, and rainforests that hide majestic waterfalls.

Mauritius Luxury Travel Inspiration

No matter how you define luxury, Mauritius has plenty of it to offer. If high-end 5-star resorts are your thing, there is no shortage of them on the island. However, the greatest luxury on this Indian Ocean jewel is hidden in the amazing biodiversity and landscape.

Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Archipelago some 1,200 miles off the southeastern African coast. It is almost as big as Luxembourg at about 790 square miles. The volcanic island was a part of the former continent of Mauritia.

Geologically speaking, Mauritius is a young island. The enormous eruptions of thousands of years ago shaped the breathtaking landscapes of today. A panoramic view of the island reveals a rugged, yet strangely alluring succession of jagged mountains and thick rainforest hillsides. But a look beyond the seemingly wild landscape opens up to a coastline of more than 100 miles of mostly untouched sandy white beaches.

The entire island is surrounded by serene seas of amazing transparency and color. You…

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Coquille Bonheur

With more than 12 years of experience and an extensive range of tailor-made products and services, Coquille Bonheur as a DMC provides the most prestigious and gracious receptive services and delivers a vast choice of experiences with a bold creative approach and a taste

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LUX* Grand Gaube

This Luxury Resort in Mauritius is a clever balance of contrasts and fresh design on the island’s northern coast. A pioneering vision from designer Kelly Hoppen delivers an eclectic retro-chic lifestyle that’s effortlessly sophisticated, yet blissfully informal. Amidst lush tropical gardens, LUX* Grand Gaube is enveloped by undulating

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Sega Tours

A destination management company specialising in the heavenly island of Mauritius, Sega Tours stands out for its team’s expert knowledge of the island and its commitment to offering exemplary customer service. Dedicated to helping discerning travellers make the most of the wonders of Mauritius, its sapphire seas, sparkling sands, refined resorts and

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One&Only Le Saint Geran

Mauritius is an exquisite island in the Indian Ocean that carries a storied and multicultural past. A secluded oasis, rich in heritage and hospitality, the country epitomize the harmony created through centuries of Dutch, French, Portuguese, and African influences. The One&Only Le Saint Geran highlights the luxury

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Shanti Maurice

Spread across 36 lush acres and surrounded by sugar cane fields, exotic nature reserves and a horseshoe-shaped bay, Shanti Maurice is the quintessential tropical idyll. A private soft sand beach is lapped by turquoise waters sheltered by a reef, making a perfect protected playground for non-motorised water sports, and the 25-treatment

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