Revel in Namibia – A Place where Untouched Nature Meets Luxury

Namibia’s otherworldly scenery, nature, and abundant wildlife are bound to create lasting memories unlike any other exclusive destinations.

Namibia Luxury Travel Inspiration

Only a few other places in the world can compare to Namibia. As a part of the oldest continent, Namibian flora and fauna have evolved in ways that exceed your wildest imagination. The country’s convenient geographical location and climate allowed wildlife to thrive, creating amazing safari experiences.

Namibia is an expansive and sparsely populated country to the northwest of South Africa and its long Atlantic coast runs all the way up Angola. The country’s 14 different regions offer stunning sights of untouched nature. The fact that Namibia has so few inhabitants is actually one of the reasons for its intact nature. You will be amazed by the landscape of coastal plains and rolling mountains to vast stretches of desert. But you should be prepared for a seeming hostile yet strangely alluring charm that this country has to offer.

The west coast of Namibia is bordered by the Namib Desert, the oldest in the world. And the Kalahari Desert stretches in the southeastern part of the county and…

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Shipwreck Lodge

The Shipwreck Lodge run by Natural Selection in Namibia is one of Africa’s most uniquely designed retreats. It offers almost unprecedented privacy and freedom within architectural masterpieces that represent shipwrecks on the beach. The lodge is located on Namibia’s famous Skeleton Coast and surrounded by wild and rugged sandy expanses cushioning the waves of

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Onguma The Fort

A blend of African and Moroccan architecture, The Fort, with its thick stone walls, carved wooden doors and tranquil pools, is a striking sight amid the apparent emptiness of Namibia’s Onguma Nature Reserve. The arid landscape, dotted with camel thorn trees, shelters a surprising wildlife population however, including prairie animals,

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Serra Cafema

Check out what Serra Cafema has to offer if you long for amazing landscapes, natural beauties and privacy. As the most remote camp in Namibia, the Serra Cafema truly provides a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the contemporary world. The camp is located on the bank of the

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Skeleton Coast Safaris

In 1971 Louw Schoeman was instrumental in the proclamation of what is now a world renowned national park, the Skeleton Coast Park. In 1977 he started Skeleton Coast Safaris. Skeleton Coast Safaris is unlike any other safari company on the African continent. What Skeleton Coast Safaris do is completely unique to

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Pelican Point Lodge

Pelican Point Lodge stands at the tip of a narrow sand spit that separates Walvis Bay from the Atlantic Ocean in Namibia. Alone in the midst of a sea of sand with pounding surf on one side, a calm lagoon on the other, and epic views in every direction, the position is truly magical. The

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Discover the beauty of Africa’s wild cats and relax in an unbelievable atmosphere at Okonjima Halfway between Windhoek and the Etosha National Park, set against a backdrop of sandstone mountains, lies the Okonjima Nature Reserve. This private reserve is home not only to a family-run lodge but also to the acclaimed AfriCat Foundation, a conservation project dedicated to the protection

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Okahirongo Elephant Lodge

Kaokoland, in the remote northwestern reaches of Namibia, is home to an exceptional lodge that shares this untouched wilderness with desert adapted elephant, lion, giraffe and black rhino. Designed in harmony with the region’s landscapes and traditions, and built using fallen trees and locally-sourced natural materials, the Elephant Lodge perches

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