New York City Will Allow You to Feel One Step Closer to Your Dreams

From East Village bars and nightclubs to the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster, New York is a legendary megalopolis that one has been known to fall for at first sight.

New York City Luxury Travel Inspiration

New York is a city that goes one step further from the usual luxury travel inspiration. It has been a huge stimulus for numerous artists, migrants, tourists, and those who want to make a name in the finance industry.

The few major roles NYC played in movies and TV series etched a lasting impression of its landmarks into the collective memory of the world. This is why many people feel they already know the city and some of its alluring secrets. It is right to assume that the idea of the concrete jungle where dreams come true has risen to mythical proportions, reaching a realm beyond luxury. But where does the captivating NY charm actually come from?

NYC is defined by the five boroughs and the people who make the boroughs multicultural, vibrant, and exciting. Most famously, Manhattan is the central and most populous borough (you have to live in…

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1 Hotel Central Park

1 Hotel Central Park - New York - Double Room

You may think of New York as the home of the Yankees, Tiffany’s, Times Square and Madison Garden. The folks at 1 Hotel Central Park prefer to think of the Big Apple as the home of the biggest city park in the world, and this luxury boutique hotel,

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The Crosby Street Hotel

The Cosby Street Hotel - USA - Bedrroom

When travellers think of New York City, they think of the bustling hum of a dynamo. But in the centre of the neighbourhood of Soho, near the centre of Lower Manhattan, stands a quiet corner of luxurious comfort called the Crosby Street Hotel. Located just two blocks away from the

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The Baccarat Hotel

Baccarat Hotel - New York - Grand Salon Entrance Indoor

The intense metropolis New York City covered with glass towers and opulence and gritty streets remains a wonder, and in the heart of Manhattan, at the centre of the party, stands the regal Baccarat Hotel. A luxury affair, the Baccarat caters to the traveller who seeks the most refined

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Lotte New York Palace Hotel

Lotte New York Palace Jewel Suite Terrace

Ideally located on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, the Lotte New York Palace Hotel is one of the city’s most iconic and storied hotels. Catering to business and leisure travellers alike, timelessly elegant accommodations are spread across the Palace, a former private mansion, with those

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Lake Kora

Set amid the spectacular New York Adirondacks, Lake Kora is a historic Great Camp that, until recently, was enjoyed only by its owners. Now, a select few can enjoy the rejuvenating power of this fully-staffed, all-inclusive rustic paradise, for a few days, a week or a month at a

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The Greenwich Hotel

The Greenwich Hotel - New York

The Greenwich Hotel, a view to the West New York City was born on the island of Manhattan, where the deep channel of the Hudson River pours into New York Bay, through the Narrows, and into the Atlantic Ocean. The Hudson’s waters cool the west side of the island down in the hot summer, and overlooking the bustling Greenwich Street

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