Deep Desert Israel

Deep Desert Israel, operating from the desert township of Mitzpe Ramon, overlooking the Ramon Crater nature reserve, began its way as an inspirational desert adventure company. Over time they have expanded their services to special desert experiences: exclusive events planning, popup glamping (glamour camping), outdoor productions and corporate retreats and incentive programs, all in

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More Treehouse Experience

More Treehouse Experience – Enjoy the ultimate, wild Africa experience under the stars Sleeping in a treehouse in the middle of the bush, with nothing between you and raw nature has to be the ultimate wild Africa experience. Booked in conjunction with a stay at the MORE lodges in the Lion Sands Game Reserve, three treehouses in different locations, are

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Steamboat Powdercats

Steamboat Powdercats - On the ridge of a mountain

Skiers and snowboarders are constantly on the pursuit for the ultimate ski experience and seeking fresh snow, outstanding terrains and the exciting thrill of the sport. Steamboat Powdercats may just be the ticket to that much sought-after experience, and one that might just be the top of the lot! Steamboat Powdercats offer

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Baumraum Treehouse Designers

Baumraum Treehouse Designers - Night

Having a rich and long history, treehouses can be traced as far back as the middle ages when Franciscan monks used basic rooms built in the trees as place to meditate in. During the 1500’s a treehouse was considered a ‘must have’ in Florentine gardens. From Royalty to heads of state, even the venerable

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ParrLuxe Sea Cabana

ParrLuxe Sea Cabana - Anchored off a beautiful cove in Greece

ParrLuxe Sea Cabana – lounging afloat in a refreshingly innovative way The innovative and stylish Sea Cabana from ParrLuxe was dreamt up by Stuart Parr as he was spending time on a rather large luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. He noticed how the wedding cake-like structure of big ships meant that water-loving passengers always had to walk up several flights

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Toylander - Two young drivers having a blast aboard an orange G4 Edition Toylander

Toylander  – Honey, I shrunk the Land Rover It will be difficult to resist buying and building a Toylander for your little ones after reading this article… so please proceed at your own risk! UK-based Real Life Toys have produced a stunning range of self-build half-size electric cars based on the first Land Rover series. Unlike cheaper and smaller plastic electric

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Blue Forest Treehouses

Blueforest Treehouses - Living the Higlife (Children's Treehouse)

Blue Forest Treehouses – realizing childhood fantasies and dreaming-up new ones Have you ever dreamt of reliving your childhood fantasies of high-up treehouses, private hideaways and gigantic adventure playgrounds?  Or are you rather yearning for a personal retreat, allowing you to disconnect from the world for hours or days at a time? Look no further! Blue Forest will be able

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Quadski - Three Quadskis Driving in Formation over the Water

Quadski, sure-footed and ‘sure-finned’ The innovative Quadski offers its riders the ultimate freedom, flexibility and fun factor that results from the ability to flawlessly shift from a high-speed, spirited but stable trail-ride to an equally fast and agile performance on water. Reaching speeds of up to 45mph on both land and water, thanks to the powerful BMW Motorrad’s K1300 engine,

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Dutchtub Original

Dutchtub - Enjoying the Sunset from the Beach

Soaking outdoors has never felt so original When you first see a photo of a Dutchtub Original it is difficult to immediately grasp the concept – or rather the dimensions – of what looks like an oversized 1970’s crisps bowl. It is only upon further inspection that you realise the true design genius displayed by renowned Dutch industrial designer Floris

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