Enjoy Tapas, Vibrant Nightlife, and Exclusive Shopping in the Mediterranean Pearl of Palma

Palma de Mallorca is a vibrant island metropolis that will amaze you with its high-end resorts, stunning cityscapes, and distinct Mediterranean luxury.

Palma Luxury Travel Inspiration

No matter how you look at it, Palma is a Mallorcan hub of prestige and exclusivity like few others. From invitation-only events to private boutique hotels, this trendy hotspot on the western Mallorcan coast has something for every exclusive guest.

There is no shortage of 5-star hotels overlooking the Palma Yachting Club and harbor. These magnificent temples of hospitality deliver a special kind of Mediterranean opulence. On the other hand, small but equally impressive boutique suites and villas provide the required peace and quiet. Through it all, you will always be minutes away from the exciting downtown.

The Palma downtown is a world of its own, what with its historic landmarks, hip bars, and fine dining restaurants. If you want to do some shopping, Palma won’t fail to amaze you either. Just find your way to the Calle Sant Miquel, a pedestrian street and one of the major shopping areas, and get ready to treat yourself. The street is packed with…

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Palma Superyacht Show

Palma Superyacht Show - Mallorca - Evening

Palma Superyacht Show is one of the coolest and most exciting vessel exhibitions in Europe. It takes place at Moll Vell, the old pier, a few steps away from La Lonja, in the old town of Palma. The show attracts 85 international exhibitors who deliver yachting high-end services and there are

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Can Bordoy

Located at the center of the iconic La Lonja district, Can Bordoy charms its visitors as an emblematic five-star temple of style and luxury. The 16th-century building has undergone an extensive restoration to preserve its original panache, yet Can Bordoy still has a distinct flair of contemporary opulence.

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Hotel Cort

Hotel Cort - Palma - Mallorca - The Private Suite

The Balearic Islands lie in the Mediterranean Sea, about twenty to thirty miles off the eastern coast of Spain, near the cities of Valencia and Barcelona. They are dry and sun-soaked, and enjoy mild seasons of perfect summer weather. The largest of the islands is Mallorca, and in the southwestern corner of

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Boutique Hotel Calatrava

Boutique Hotel Calatrava - Spain - View

Prominently seated at the Plaza Llorenc Villalonga, where the Bay of Palma meets the picturesque coastline, is the luxury Boutique Hotel Calatrava. Steeped in 13th century Majorcan tradition, with undeniable influences from both the Muslim and Jewish faiths, this exquisite destination provides ethereal views and authentic opulence. Narrow Arabian

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Can Alomar

Can Alomar - Spain - Mallorca - Palma

The exquisite Can Alomar Luxury Boutique Hotel is located in the historic district of Palm, Mallorca, where there once stood a 15th century Gothic Place. In keeping with the heritage of the neighbourhood, this stately manse was reconstructed to offer the finest luxury while paying homage to its generational roots. As a

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Convent de la Missio

Hotel Convent de la Missio - Suite

Convent de la Missio – Where Seclusion Becomes Luxury in Mallorca In the heart of Palma’s historic town centre, Convent de la Missio once provided a cloistered place for the educational pursuits of Spanish missionaries. Today, the seventeenth century convent serves as a luxury hotel for elite and discriminating travellers. Cloistered Quarters and Culinary Creativity With an intimate 14 room facility,

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Hotel Can Cera

Can Cera - Spain - Mallorca - Bedroom

Following the Christian reconquest of Palma during the 13th century, the historic mansion of Can Cera was built as a regal palace for the ruling family at the time. Close to 800 years later, this gorgeous example of wealth and nobility presents an iconic destination for travellers at the Hotel

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