Enigma Peru

Enigma is a contemporary luxury, boutique inbound operator in Peru specialized in curating extraordinary journeys through the design of unique, authentic experiences which capture a true sense of place. The company was founded in Cusco in 2002 as an adventure travel and trekking specialist and now designs and operates journeys for discerning travelers throughout all of Peru

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Metropolitan Touring

Metropolitan Touring designs journeys in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

Metropolitan Touring is a DMC that creates original tailor-made travel programmes in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The local knowledge of their guides, the human bond and the warmth and sincerity of their staff make the difference. In Ecuador, the company constantly innovates to make sure every experience is top-notch from start

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KiCHIC is a Peruvian resort that offers exceptional opportunities to unwind and reconnect with the ocean and the South American coastline in the backdrop. After more than twenty years of globetrotting, the owner, Cristina, poured all of her experience into KiCHIC. The result is a nine-room boutique hideaway

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Explora Valle Sagrado

Explora Valle Sagrada

In South America, along the ranges of the old Andes Mountains, close to the center of the nation of Peru, lies the ancient capital of the Incan Empire, the City of Cuzco. If you head northwest on the rugged mountain roads, about ten miles into the heart of the Urumbamba

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Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

Inkaterra Hacienda Urabamba

Nestled in the historic Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba is a contemporary boutique hotel and the newest addition to the Inkaterra destination brand. Located between Machu Picchu and the charming city of Cusco, the countryside hotel is an ideal location for Incan exploration and luxury

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Inkaterra La Casona

Inkaterra La Casona - Peru - Hotel Patio

When travellers look for an elegant and luxurious escape to Peru, they discover that Inkaterra La Casona delivers history, mystery and romance around every turn. Located in the quaint town of Cusco, the hotel was the first boutique destination built in the city. Guests enjoy the close proximity to

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Latin Trails

Latin Trails, Ecuador, Galapagos

The staff and guides of Latin Trails create a unique set of South American adventure experts who operate chiefly from the country of Ecuador. Offering visitors the opportunity to travel interactively, each tour and itinerary created by Latin Trails exemplifies the luxury and opulence of the region. Guests will stay in the finest

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Aracari - Lauca National Park

Aracari’s approach to travel in Peru has been exceptional in that the company has cast a discerning eye over the country’s highlights while forging a network of its key protagonists. Prominent historians, archaeologists, artists and dignitaries all help to make unique encounters available to Aracari’s clientele, offering an authentic glance into Peruvian history, art and culture

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Aqua Expeditions

M/V Aqua River Expedition, Peru, Amazon River

Embark on the voyage of a lifetime, sailing the earth’s mightiest river. Imagine gliding through the Amazon jungle aboard a 24-passenger luxury vessel.  Walk to a remote native village and spend an afternoon on a skiff, spotting monkeys and piranhas and the endangered scarlet macaw.  After a gourmet dinner designed by

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