AMANYANGYUN - Shanghai, China

Amanyangyun  is a luxury resort near downtown Shanghai. Amanyangyun combines traditional Chinese philosophy and architecture with a contemporary approach to customer service. This forest-inspired exclusive sanctuary offers accommodation in refurbished antique villas that date back to the era of Ming and Qing dynasties. Each of the villas has been meticulously restored with bamboo,

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The PuLi Hotel Shanghai

The Puli Shanghai - China - Pool

Where the Yangtze River, the great Yellow River of China, flows into the sea, a tributary called the Huangpu joins it, and this confluence is the reason for the life of city of Shanghai. The Yangtze today remains the busiest river in the world, and the city of

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The Bund Classic

The Bund Classic - Shanghai

If you have an appreciation for classic cars, and enjoy the finer things in life, then The Bund Classic is where you should be in 2015. The Bund Classic is an exclusive event of epicurean proportions, tailored for those who possess a refined taste for elegance and luxury. It

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