Playa Vik Jose Ignacio


South of Brazil, in the centre of South America’s eastern seaboard, the weather becomes beautifully temperate and the ocean washes ashore on sandy beaches that stretch for miles. This is where the nation of Uruguay stands, wedged between Brazil and Argentina, on a land

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Discover the real Uruguay with Lares

Combining pleasant activities with magic landscapes, nice accommodations, traditional meals, specialised guides and friendly people, Lares offers unique experiences, according to the preferences and needs of international travellers. Lares’ dedicated team takes every care to work out and offer you a different South American experience which will be memorable and inviting enough for a

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Oliva Hotel


The capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo, is a port on the nation’s Atlantic coast, embracing a small but deep natural harbour. Montevideo is a calm city, enjoying beautiful weather for most of the year, and the coast of Uruguay hosts an amazing number of beaches with deep sands of

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La Baguala Chacras


The nation of Uruguay has the shape of a pear, and at the base of the pear, facing south, are some of the best undiscovered beaches in the world. The coastline of Uruguay looks southwards on the Atlantic, and thanks to geography, this happens to be in a very

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Fasano Las Piedras


Uruguayans are lucky. Set on a wedge of green lowlands land between the giants of Brazil and Argentina, the Uruguayan people live in a vibrant culture and democratic state with a minimum of fuss and suffering, and now enjoy one of the stronger economies of South America. While the land

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Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio

Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio - Wrap-around Pool at Main Building

Recently, Uruguay has surged into the top ten travel destinations of the world. While the country itself offers a plethora of enticing natural sights and modern activities, the newly built Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio is chief among that alluring forces within Uruguay. Situated on the pristine sands of

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Mai 10 - Argentina

Mai 10 can be considered as an artisan of dream-trips. Their passion is creating experiences that inspire and memories that last forever. Culture, adventure, cuisine or nature – every journey can de designed. Mai 10 stays away from sameness and strives for the seemingly unattainable. They enjoy scouting their territory once and again in

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