Seabreacher - Disguised as Jaws

When you first see a Seabreacher – on dry land – you can’t help but feel that this watercraft must surely have been dreamt up by a bunch of testosterone fuelled teenagers. However, once you witness the cyborg marine mammal slide through, dive under and jump out

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Iguana Yachts

Iguana Yachts IG29 - Off Road - Marine

Like its namesake, the IG29 from Iguana yachts adapts to its surroundings, though not by changing its colour. The IG29 adapts to its surroundings by shape shifting or rather repurposing itself.  On water the IG29 is a high performance boat, but unlike many other boats, when it comes to land the IG29 adapts

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Seabob F5-S by Cayago

Seabob F5-S by Cayago

In 1965 Ian Fleming’s ‘Thunderball’ was released. With Sean Connery portraying the charismatic, womanising spy that everyone loves.  As always the movie showcased a host of gadgets that had audiences in awe.  One such gadget was the underwater sled used to propel the hero into an epic underwater battle. Fast-forward a quarter

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ParrLuxe Sea Cabana

ParrLuxe Sea Cabana - Anchored off a beautiful cove in Greece

ParrLuxe Sea Cabana – lounging afloat in a refreshingly innovative way The innovative and stylish Sea Cabana from ParrLuxe was dreamt up by Stuart Parr as he was spending time on a rather large luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. He noticed how the wedding cake-like structure of big ships meant that water-loving passengers always had to walk up several flights

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Quadski - Three Quadskis Driving in Formation over the Water

Quadski, sure-footed and ‘sure-finned’ The innovative Quadski offers its riders the ultimate freedom, flexibility and fun factor that results from the ability to flawlessly shift from a high-speed, spirited but stable trail-ride to an equally fast and agile performance on water. Reaching speeds of up to 45mph on both land and water, thanks to the powerful BMW Motorrad’s K1300 engine,

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Alpackalypse Raft

Adventurers and explorers can now look at maps in an entirely new way with the advent of Alpacka Rafts latest creation. Over six years in the making, the amazing Alpackalypse Raft brings together an immense amount of technical know-how, innovative thinking and the most durable materials in a ‘pack’ that is

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A Swell Ride with a JetSurf

A Swell Ride with a JetSurf To some the idea of installing an engine onto a surfboard may sound a bit absurd, to others however this just sounds like fun. In 2008 JetSurf was founded purely to push the boundaries of water sports. What they ended up creating was an exhilarating new sport.   The concept of a motorised surfboard is

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Marlin II Platinum Black Limited Edition

Marlin II Platinum Black Limited Edition - hovercraft

British Hovercraft Company’s Marlin II Platinum Black Limited Edition is a stunning high-performance personal hovercraft that can travel over land, water, mud, sand, ice and snow with ultimate ease.  As such it provides unequalled fun and speed when used as a recreational toy or as a yacht tender. The

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Radinn Wakejet Cruise

Radinn Wakejet Cruise - sports

Imagine the total freedom of being able to board without the need for a boat or kite. Imagine being able to surf without needing waves. Instead of merely being a dream, this striving for nautical freedom kept Philip Werner up at night while he was

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Ethos 30

Ethos 30 - Marine

The Ethos 30 is a nautical first.  Described as being a hybrid crossover, the Ethos 30 is designed with a main deck that can support a range of modular components. The components can transform this watercraft from an open deck layout to an enclosed cabin with a lounge area.   These components can also change

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