Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Andamans

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is a homage to the secluded Andaman archipelago stretching

As its name suggests, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Andamans offers all the exotic charm that you may have come to expect from India. This expansive resort takes up 46 acres on Havelock Island at the famous Radhanagar beachfront. In addition to one of the most diverse flora and fauna in the entire Bay of Bengal, there are spectacular opportunities to explore the neighborhood’s untouched nature and paradise beaches. The resort is bordered by a mangrove strip and a river that faces the beach.

As far as the accommodation goes, the deluxe villas on stilts perfectly blend with the natural surroundings. They are designed in a Jarawa-inspired style and feature a thatched roof that extends onto the veranda at the entrance. Another thing that you may find interesting is the open-air beds in that let you lounge around and soak up the sun and sounds of this Indian paradise.

When it comes to wellness treatments, Spa Andamans offers a host of options and activities. You can enjoy yoga in the morning either at the outdoor pool or on the beach. The resort also provides cycling tours of the tropical forest where you can marvel at much more than the coconut groves.


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