Taj Lake Palace

In the footsteps of Kings at Taj Lake Palace

The beautiful Taj Lake Palace appears like a jewelled lotus seemingly afloat on the soft, shimmering waters of Lake Pichola.  The exquisite white marble palace hotel preserves the heritage and tradition of the erstwhile rulers of Udaipur and offers guests a glimpse of a privileged royal lifestyle.  Set amid Lake Pichola this 265-year old palace is a truly romantic hotel.  Originally built as a summer palace, Taj Lake Palace has been transformed into its former glory whose sole purpose is the pursuit of leisure.  The experience begins with the arrival of guests by boat from the shore.

There are countless unique experiences to be had.  Indulge at the Lily Pond, where courtesans once welcomed royalty into the folds of the palace.  Or sail into a purple sunset on a 150-year old ceremonial Gangaur barge complete with candlelight and resplendently dressed oarsmen.  Indulge in a heritage walk with an escort followed by a glass of sparkling wine.  Soak in the sounds and sights of the city as your royal butler accompanies you on a shopping trip.  In this royal dream, anything is possible.


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