The Chilko Experience


The Chilko Experience - Your intimate, untamed adventure starts here

Ask the owner how he would describe the Chilcotin region of British Columbia and his answer is "Montana 1910, only better". The Chilcotin is billed by BC Tourism as the last front. It's 50,000 square miles which is exactly half the size of Colorado. It has 1,000 hearty residents, 17 different ecosystems. The vastness and purity of the region shocks first time visitors. Drink the water directly from its lakes, rivers and streams. It's only snow and glacier melt combined with fresh rains. The Chilcotin is incomparable to anywhere you will find in the 21st century. That is why those who know it, love it.

Nestled in the wild heart of the Chilcotin, The Chilko Experience offers the opportunity to escape to the unspeakably secret, untamed and rugged wilderness, where you can walk among wildlife, drift on crystal waters beneath ancient glaciers and wander through silent forests as old as time. The lodge's location is considered remote by some. It's 200 miles from the nearest grocery store or cell tower.

The Chilko Experience lies within an ecosystem that contains some of the world’s best habitat for grizzly bears; you can immerse yourself in the natural world and at night you can almost touch the stars. The vastness and purity of the area will delight your senses upon arrival and whether you’re seeking ultimate relaxation or you’re an adrenaline junky looking for a thrill, The Chilko Experience has it all.