The Emblem Hotel

The Emblem Hotel, Prague, where the Town Square and Bohemia come together

The city of Prague has been home to emperors and the capital of the Czech people for over one thousand years, and the city wears its history with beauty and pride. The Vltava River flows through the heart of the town, and eighteen bridges cross its span, none more beautiful than the Charles Bridge, the walkway where visitors and locals alike take in the views of the Greater and Lesser Prague and stroll in companionable ease. In the heart of the Old Town, the statue of the medieval hero Jan Hus stands proudly before the St. Nicholas Cathedral, and within a few minutes’ walk to the west, the deluxe hotel called the Emblem awaits its clientele.

The Emblem is a massively creative endeavor, occupying a five-story building and dedicated to Bohemian pleasures, with designers such as Aglas Furniture and Cattalan Italia, among many others, contributing to the style and flair of the establishment, all based on a theme of Art Deco. Commissioned works from renowned Czech artists hang on several walls at the Emblem, and the hotel offers its guests a living area called the Maharal Club, located downstairs and dedicated in the true Czech style to the comfort and entertainment of the guests. The Club features a Pantry, where the displayed art constantly changes and guests are welcome to use the oven, a modernist and spacious Salon, a Fumoir, or a smoking room with a “Self-Service” bar, and a Drawing Room for business purposes.

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