The Greenwich Hotel

The Greenwich Hotel, a view to the West

New York City was born on the island of Manhattan, where the deep channel of the Hudson River pours into New York Bay, through the Narrows, and into the Atlantic Ocean. The Hudson’s waters cool the west side of the island down in the hot summer, and overlooking the bustling Greenwich Street area stands the Greenwich Hotel, a leading light of the New York’s TriBeCa neighbourhood, short for the Triangle Below Canal Street. With a modern contemporary look on its brick façade, and a focus on warm brown and red colors and rich accents of brown woods, the Greenwich is one of the most luxurious hotel locations in New York. Spacious and calm, it has prospered from its connection to the Tribeca Film Festival, held each year at the building right next door, the Tribeca Film Centre. The hotel will be glad to arrange bespoke introductions to this busy event when the building is home to clamouring packs of press and numerous celebrities. The Greenwich also benefits from its location in the most entertaining district of the city, with Greenwich Village to the north, and Soho to the east, and the Downtown end of the island to the south.

The Greenwich Hotel provides 88 rooms to its clientele, all unique in design and lavishly appointed. The Greenwich Penthouse is noted for the greenery cascading over the balconies of its 4000 square feet of patio and pergolas, a garden visible from the street below. The hotel’s Drawing Room and Courtyard are open only to the hotel’s guests, and the Shibui Spa hosts a pool and gym. Almost every suite includes a fine view of the area, with the northwest corner offering glimpses of the Hudson River, just one block away. Along the river, you will find the Hudson River Park, laid out on a long pier that catches the river breezes. There you can rest from you bespoken tours of the city, and if you have children, there is a play area, mini-golf, and a sandy beach volleyball field. A skatepark and basketball court are also nearby. The pier area is great for kids, and provides a full day of family entertainment within easy walking distance of the Greenwich.

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