The Luxury Travel Book


The Luxury Travel Book offers luxury city apartments and villas to rent in beautiful destinations

The Luxury Travel Book is a family-run business that offers an exceptional collection of villa rentals and premium city apartments in the world's most coveted destinations. From enchanting Mediterranean retreats basking in the warm sun to secluded tropical paradises, the portfolio of villas caters to the discerning traveller seeking the perfect escape. Whether guests are craving a relaxing UK staycation or yearning for an unforgettable villa rental experience in Europe's most enchanting countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Croatia, and Portugal, or even desiring more far-flung getaways in captivating destinations such as South Africa, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, The Luxury Travel Book will exceed expectations.

At the heart of The Luxury Travel Book lies their exclusive concierge services, designed to elevate the travel experience to new heights. The dedicated team of experts is poised to assist in planning every aspect of the traveller’s journey. Imagine orchestrating a dream wedding amidst a picturesque backdrop, effortlessly arranging private jet travel for an indulgent escape, or curating bespoke itineraries that showcase the most extraordinary and unique experiences in the chosen destination. With an unwavering commitment to seamless service and attention to detail, The Luxury Travel Book ensures that every moment of the voyage is marked by exceptional luxury and cherished memories.

Dedicated to providing unparalleled accommodations, personalised services, and unrivalled access to extraordinary experiences, The Luxury Travel Book is driven by a mission to create truly unforgettable travel experiences for esteemed clients.