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First Things First
For climbers, the goal is always: higher. Both the struggle to the top and the thrill of reaching the summit are equally important to the experience. And that thrill is what keeps climbers seeking new and more challenging adventures.
It’s that sense of adventure and adrenaline rush that sends the world’s best climbers seeking out their dream of scaling the peaks of the exotic South American locale known as Guyana.

Situated on the continent’s North Atlantic coast, Guyana is tucked in between Venezuela and the even smaller Suriname. Although covered with thick rainforests, it is the imposing Pacaraima Mountains that are of interest to climbers worldwide. But even non-climbers will find the mountains and their highest peak, Mount Roraima (more than 2,800 meters high), a sight worth seeking out in this extraordinary country.

So, if the dream of ascending some of the most extreme peaks in the world is a bucket-list item, Guyana is one of the places to put on an itinerary. Not only do the mountains present a unique climbing challenge, but there are other locations that would be attractive to adventurers as well, including cliffs with overhanging flanks that soar above pristine rainforests way below.
The Expedition
Before embarking on the journey, there will be a minimum of two days of training before the expedition starts
The instructions will be given by a professional climbing team, and you can take the training in locations with tall trees or cliffs on which to practice. The greatest benefit of this part of the trip is gauging your response to considerable heights and learning how to react to various situations on steep slopes appropriately.

The highlight of the journey will be reaching and exploring the summit of Mount Roraima, the highest point in the country. Even constant exposure to the peak doesn’t lessen its impact (The locals refer to the summit as “Bad Boy Mountain”). The easiest and most exciting way to get to the mountain is by helicopter. The flight permits a full view of Guyana’s unique scenery and the ultimate destination, its true charms temporarily concealed by clouds.

After reaching the glorious mountain, the team will help adventurers establish a lightweight camp near the prow or will lead you to a pre-established expedition camp. Afterward, visitors will get the chance to explore this part of the fascinating mountain and the expansive nearby area.

This is the largest tabletop mountain on the planet and straddles the borders of Guyana, Venezuela, and Brazil. The area is covered in swift streams that feed the imposing waterfalls on the flanks. There are also shallow pools and deep ravines, as well as intricate and gorgeous flowers. Only those who love challenges will get the opportunity to view this unique and beautiful environment, with nothing like it anywhere in the world.

Due to the precipitous flanks, this mountain region forms its own weather. The humid air coming from the tropical jungle is pushed upwards to the mountain’s cooler air, providing continuous winds and mesmerizing clouds, as well as brief rain showers. From Roraima’s prow, you’ll be uniquely positioned to observe this natural wonder. While the spectacular view from such a majestic mountain can amaze you for hours, the descent from Roraima’s prow awaits.

It’s time to pack the equipment and head to the prow’s edge to begin the journey down. To put into perspective just how unique an opportunity this is, consider the following detail: fewer people have descended or ascended Roraima’s prow than have landed on the moon. Before starting the descent, visiting climbers will receive professional instructions from the seasoned rock climbing team, necessary because all of them are familiar with the mountain and the surprises it may have in store.
"The locals refer to the summit as “Bad Boy Mountain"
"fewer people have descended or ascended Roraima’s prow than have landed on the moon"
"The area is covered in swift streams that feed the imposing waterfalls on the flanks. There are also shallow pools and deep ravines, as well as intricate and gorgeous flowers. "
The Journey to the Foothills
Before the descent begins, climbers will be secured with a double rope and the team will ensure everything’s properly fastened and secure. With each maneuver, the guides will make sure that everything is going smoothly. This allows participants to revel in the one-of-a-kind exposure and enchanting vistas, while knowing their safety is a priority
"The view is breathtaking, and even if some wild weather takes place"
After passing a certain number of Roraima’s anchors, climbers reach a ledge where they make camp for the night in a portaledge, a tent that hangs on the side of the mountain. Not only is a portaledge compact and surprisingly comfortable, it’s also completely safe – awake or asleep, climbers are secured by ropes that keep them from swinging or moving too much.

In the portaledge camps, adventurers can augment them with other features if they feel inadequate. The only exception is the Roraima portaledge camps. Since they are the only method you can experience this remarkable location, augmenting these camps is extremely difficult. It would require considerably more resources, but the upgrade is still available.

Each second spent on the portaledge will be memorable. The view is breathtaking, and even if some wild weather takes place, the camp system is almost entirely sheltered. The experience engages all the senses, and will fully immerse visitors in the tropical environment.

Continuing the descent, from anchor to anchor, climbers reach the bottom of the sheer wall. At this point, the cliff wall meets the nearly vertical forest, where the guides establish another overnight camp. But the day is not over yet. Listen for the sounds of the surrounding jungle at night; they are too good to miss and creates the sensation of exploring an alien planet.
Morning comes and the final part of the descent begins, moving through the thrilling vertical moist forests, known for their high humidity levels. This is an extraordinary setting with an incredible range of fauna, such as the Bearded Saki, a New World monkey, or the Red-handed Tamarin, a similar but smaller primate knows for its distinctively colored hands and feet.

Adjacent to the forest is the new base camp, which this time receives support from locals and jungle specialists.

The site will be a distinct change from all the precarious ledges and thick vegetation of the climb down. At this camp, visitors will enjoy a more relaxed, cozy atmosphere, some hearty food, and time to reflect on the amazing sights they’ve just witnessed.

At this point, travelers will stay at the renowned Rock View Lodge. The site is ideal for recharging your energy and letting you put your feet up. While it serves as a place to securely stay during inclement weather, it nonetheless offers accommodations that makes a stay there warm and welcoming.

There are various activities, the food is stellar, and there are many Amazonia hospitality features, such as hammocks. While the pace of life may be slower than what the average tourist may be used to, the atmosphere is a soothing alternative to the hustle and bustle of most lives. We’ve reinvigorated your body and soul at the lodge.

After conquering the prow, it’s time to move on to more challenging terrain: exploring the memorable summit referred to by the locals as the “Bad Boy Mountain.”.
Roger Hyde, the Founder of Dulabab Travel,. The Organizers.
Lush Vegetation and Rich Fauna
This part of the journey includes traveling through uncharted routes and forming new ones, as well as establishing fixed ropes on the steep face of the mountain. Here, visitors will learn a plethora of survival techniques on the mountain, quite possibly from special forces survival experts who may be part of the expedition
Moreover, the chance to adopt new or improve existing rope access skills will present itself as the group makes its way through the mountain’s canopy. Reaching the treetops, a whole new ecosystem will reveal itself as the forest teems with life from above. There are more than 225 mammal species, and Guyana and its unspoiled nature is a fantastic environment to see some of the most mesmerizing animals.

For instance, this region is home to jaguars, the largest cat species in South America. Sightings of these cats are not impossible, but they are rare. The best chance to encounter one of them is at dusk or dawn when the animals are most active.

Another fascinating sight is the puma, a smaller species of cat that is fond of high, rocky terrain. Encountering a puma is even less likely, but some tourists have reported seeing one even in broad daylight.

As with Roraima’s Prow, guides will make camp on the mountain where the group will take in the pleasant sounds that can lull one to sleep.
The Enchanting Capital
The mountain has tested the group’s climbing abilities and given everyone spectacular sights. Now there’s a chance to explore everyday life in Guyana with a visit to the nation’s capital, Georgetown
Arrival to the city is done by helicopter. Lucky visitors will fly above the country’s marvelous waterfalls on their way in.

Some of the most famous waterfalls in the world are accessible from here, including Venezuela’s Angel Falls and Argentina’s Iguazu Falls. However, there’s also a stunning waterfall in Guyana called the Kaieteur Falls. It’s the largest single-drop waterfall by volume on the planet, particularly between May and July when the rainy season is in full swing.

But another reason why the Kaieteur Falls is so majestic is the dramatic setting. It is tucked deeply into Guyana’s interior and well-protected by thick rainforest. The Kaieteur Falls can only be accessed by a two-day hike or one-hour flight from Georgetown. Flying over the falls will no doubt bring the realization of just how grand the Kaieteur Falls is.

Upon landing, travelers can return to the Rock View lodge and have the option to take part in other adventurous activities. Or they can feel free to explore Georgetown itself and see how the colonial past is intertwined with the noisy reality of a modern-day city.

When it comes to the accommodation in the capital itself, visitors have the choice of either the traditional Cara Lodge or the contemporary Marriott. Between the different parts of the expedition, the comfortable Rock View Lodge will provide a great chance to get some rest from the extreme camping sites.

One of the most interesting aspects of Georgetown is the architecture. There are several curious buildings that have lasted through the country’s tumultuous history. A particularly significant building is St. George’s Cathedral, which has been restored and attracts many visitors.

As for the Cara Lodge itself, it also is a mixture of modernity and history. It features polished floors preserved from the building’s original edition and delicate verandas. It also contains modern appliances, such as AC units, in all 34 bedrooms.

The lodge has welcomed numerous prominent guests, such as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and members of the British Royal Family.
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