The Pand Hotel

The Pand Hotel , the eternal charm of Flemish luxury

The city of Bruges is a beautiful place, filled with perfectly preserved medieval architecture and charming beyond all reason. The town has never been destroyed in wars, and its location on the sea trade routes between the Hanseatic cities and the south has always made it a good place to do business. The city is surrounded by the ancient canals of the medieval era, and there are still extensive watercourses running throughout the city center. And just a short walk from the beautiful centre of the town, stands the Pand Hotel, on a quiet street that leads to the Dijver canal, which curves around and passes by the foot of the majestic spire of the city’s Basilica. The intersection is called the Rozenhoedkaai, the “Quai of the Rosaries,” and it is one of the most photographed locations in Europe.

The Pand is a small luxury hotel, filled with exquisite furnishings and opulent decorations. From the moment you enter the facility, you will find yourself in an atmosphere of royal comfort and ease. The Pand Hotel is proud of its stylish look and old-world elegance, and it provides its clientele with the classic luxury services of European tradition. The Pand Hotel offers Master and Junior Suites, as well as several Charming Plus and Charming rooms, offering a total of 26 suites of varying designs.

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