The Point

The Point, a window to a gentler world in Upstate New York

Imagine it’s the early 1930s and William Rockefeller has invited you to visit his new house on the shores of Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Park. It’s a heady time with no premonition of the turbulent years to come so you accept the invitation with pleasure and anticipation. You don’t need to be told to bring formal attire for the special twice-weekly dinner because that’s what you would expect, and jackets, ties and cocktail wear are de rigor for the other evenings. Where are you going? You don’t find out exactly where until you’ve confirmed your reservation and then you’ll be given detailed driving instructions. The Point was originally four grand log buildings and now houses eleven unique guestrooms. There’s nothing glossy or sleek here – no harshness or hard surfaces. Instead, you will be greeted with a calming, peaceful silence broken only by birdsong and fish jumping in the lake. The Resort has a no-tipping policy as would have been the case in those halcyon days and if you want to enjoy cocktails they will be served in the hour before dinner at eight.

The seasons are so markedly different that activities are quite diverse from winter to summer. The magical winter wonderland is a perfect foil for the cozy log mansions. Swish through the silence that only snow brings as you ski cross country or enjoy skating, curling and even ice fishing on the frozen lake back at The Point. Lake Placid is nearby where you can ski down Whiteface Mountain or fuel your need for an adrenalin rush on the luge or bobsled. Back at The Point, fires are blazing, mulled wine is served and you enjoy a game of darts or pool or an old black & white movie.

As always happens, spring arrives with streams tumbling over themselves to shed the last remnants of snow and the Adirondacks appear in their glittering, shimmering glory. Boating, fishing, waterskiing are just a few of the activities you can carry out on the lake while the landlubbers enjoy a game of golf, hunting, or horseback riding. If you don’t feel like being energetic at all you can opt for a hammock in the trees and just enjoy the day.

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