The book, weighing in at just over six kilos a copy, offers the elite traveller a hotlist of the globe’s most extraordinary, off the beaten track properties and private islands, as well as once in a lifetime experiences.

Entries in this extra large (almost one metre across in size when opened), beautifully produced, hand-finished tome cannot be bought, and so each property or experience featured has been diligently researched and handpicked by the publisher. A limited edition run of one thousand copies, with personalised covers, is exclusively available for pre-order here.

The Private Collection

The Private Collection has developed into a genuine collector’s item for the discerning traveler.
– Robert De Niro

Aimed at discerning and seasoned travellers hungry for more unique experiences around the globe, the book will undoubtedly prove inspirational and an unbeatable source of information. Likewise, it will delight those consummate adventurers who might have thought that they’d exhausted the list of the world’s most spectacular and under-the-radar destinations.

A genuine collector’s item and ultimate gift, the luxurious publication showcases truly extraordinary beach hideaways, private islands, jungle lodges, desert camps, luxury trains, tall ships as well as a number of exclusive properties that solely open their doors to those who find them via word of mouth.

The Private Collection

I hope that you will enjoy flipping through the pages of this inspirational collection
and that it will inspire you to share my passion for travel.
– Francis Ford Coppola

Apart from the exceptional locations cited, the book also identifies countless opportunities to participate in once in a lifetime adventures and expeditions, such as getting fully immersed in the training and lifestyle of the Samurai in Japan, getting up close with polar bears in the Canadian Arctic, hanging out with indigenous tribes of West Papua, getting kidnapped in the Czech Republic, driving supercars with celebrity drivers in Sweden’s high north, enjoying a private airship expedition in the Caribbean, hunting with eagles whilst on horseback in Mongolia, racing buggies through Mexico’s rugged desert or, for example, participating in a sensational helicopter safari in Ethiopia which also includes a private dinner with the country’s president.

The Private Collection is only available for purchase here at a cost of EUR 1,000 per copy, including the significant shipping costs.


The Private Collection is the master source for finding ‘one of a kind locales’
that could never be mistaken for anywhere else.
– David Copperfield