The PuLi Hotel Shanghai

The PuLi Hotel Shanghai, an urban resort on the ancient Yangtze River

Where the Yangtze River, the great Yellow River of China, flows into the sea, a tributary called the Huangpu joins it, and this confluence is the reason for the life of the city of Shanghai. The Yangtze today remains the busiest river in the world, and the city of Shanghai has exploded into a modern metropolis of 12 million people. Near the centre of the city, in the Jing’An District, you can find the PuLi Hotel skyscraper, a new luxury urban resort standing tall amidst the bright lights and flowing traffic of China’s new turbo-charged economy. Opened in September of 2009, the PuLi is composed of 26 floors, and the hotel welcomes its guests with a glorious tall and open lobby decorated throughout with teak wood.

Outside, by the hotel’s lounge, the Long Bar, a perfect garden and reflective pond encourage a meditative mood, and the relaxing warmth of the Library, with over 2,500 books available to guests, offers a sense of thoughtful calm. Children are welcome at the PuLi Hotel, and within the glass structure of the soaring building, high ceilings and accents of Chinese craftsmanship, such as bronze washbasins, meld the old China with the new. The Jing’An Park stands by the side of the hotel and many of the guestrooms overlook the bamboo and old-growth forest of this little known gem of urban greenery.

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