The Royal Migration Camp

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The Royal Migration Camp, exclusive Camps of erstwhile royalty in the Serengeti

Not too long ago, in the golden era of the Raj in India, State meetings took place in private lodges of the princes set in the wild. These luxury Private camps became the capital points of power. Dignitaries and viceroy visits were hosted in a manner forgotten by the world of today. The officers of the Raj took this splendor to Africa. Gone were the days of the white hunter and his client disappearing into the bush in search of big game with a small posse.

Luxury and home comforts became the new norm and the safari took on a new meaning. At The Royal Migration Camp, they are experts in this world and have crafted out a whole new experience. The camps are small, highly personalized, and replete with every comfort for it is our quest to show you wild and unfettered lands filled with untold stories, secrets, and infinite beauty, all begging to be explored the good old way.

Life, at the Royal Migration Camp, begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Life in the wilderness is challenging to say the least. Having lived ours in search of uncovering wild India & Africa’s secrets for quite a few decades, they have learnt that the crux of offering the best of Africa is hidden in a few untold facts. Over time they have developed a deep link and a feel for the bush; be it African or Indian.