The Segera Retreat

Segera Retreat, a vision brought to life in Kenya’s backyard

About one hundred miles due north of Nairobi, near the centre of the country of Kenya, where the African savannah begins to grow green, you can find the county of Laikipia, and in the centre of this isolated county, stand the luxurious safari resort, Segera Retreat. Founded in 2005 by the entrepreneur and avid conservationist Joachim Zeitz, Segera Retreat has grown from a few huts to a fully operational and outstandingly deluxe boutique safari hotel. He went on to establish the Zeitz Foundation in 2009 and began to working intensively with local Borana, Samburu, and Turkana villages to ensure the life of this natural reserve. When he had established secure freshwater operations and developed one hundred percent solar power sourcing for his visionary estate, he opened the Segera Retreat in 2009, and has enjoyed tremendous success ever since.

Segera and Zeitz follow a policy of 4C’s, which stands for “Community, Commerce, Culture, and Conservation,” and as you learn about these four aspects of Segera’s operation, you can also explore the region around the area on a bespoke basis. The county of Laikipia is filled with wildlife, and the professional guides at Segera will be glad to arrange tours of the bush in trusty four-wheel-drive vehicles, although some prefer the hiking trails that abound near the estate. Segera Retreat has also brought in a 1976 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible for guests to enjoy on special occasions, and it makes for quite an entertaining ride.

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