The Strand

A return to Empire, The Strand in Myanmar

The Strand, a world-renowned institution, is a genuine British Colonial resort, true to its original use after more than a century. Positioned on the banks of the Yangon River, this Victorian-style mansion stands apart. Built-in 1901 during the peak of British colonialism, the Strand was widely recognized as the most luxurious in the empire. A total renovation in 1993 saw the hotel reopened as an all-suite resort. With teak and marble floors, the restoration returned this three-story, five-star hotel to its previous glory. Hand-carved mahogany furniture paired with canopied beds populates the high ceilinged suites. The Strand’s 32 suites each come with a bathroom containing both a shower and a tub. Separate sitting areas are tastefully decorated with Burmese lacquerware and antiquities. The near floor to ceiling windows, reminiscent of plantation life, flood the rooms with natural light. A team of dedicated butlers is on call to meet your every need. The largest suite in all Yangon, the Strand Suite, measures 200 square meters and features a hand-carved four-poster bed, a private dining room, and a bathroom complete with gold fittings.

Enjoy The Strand’s signature dish, grilled lamb chops with zucchini and mushrooms at the Stand Grill. Bagan prints, vaulted ceilings with a glass roof, and chandeliers produce an ambiance only the best resorts can achieve. Afternoon tea is a long-held custom in Yangon and can be enjoyed while listening to local musicians performing Burmese music in the spacious lobby, or in the Cafe looking onto the street.

Spend your day with the guided Stand’s Colonial Walking Tour, or set out on your own to see the nearby gold and gems market. Also, close by are the alleys where artists present themselves in stall sized galleries and food markets spilling over with local ingredients. The Grand Ballroom across the street is the must-have location for great gatherings in Yangon. The Shwedagon Pagoda is perhaps the most iconic and important religious location in Myanmar. The pagoda’s golden spire reaches 99 meters into the air making it visible from almost anywhere in Yangon. Locals and monks on pilgrimage perform various rituals while pacing around the base. The spire’s peak is decorated with gold, jewels, and thousands of diamonds.

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