The Tailor


The opportunity to visit the Australia people only imagine in their dreams

The Tailor is a meticulous travel company, providing custom-designed itineraries, focusing on private destinations throughout the outback, wilderness, and cosmopolitan regions of Australia. Guests who use The Tailor to book their Australian vacations are looking for three things: time well spent, authentic travels, and that their experiences are exclusive.

The Tailor staff will design a vacation based around what you want to do, and with 100 years of experience, you can be sure they know what they’re doing. Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? Those may be fantasy, but with the staff at The Tailor, you can create your own fantasy adventure; anything you can dream. They’ve made it easy to design your vacation, organizing options based on interests and regions. They have also put together an Australian Bucket List and The Tailor Collection, pointing out the activities that they deem the most worthy of your time.

In conjunction with hand-selected destinations and hosts, an entirely different personality of Australia is revealed. Whether the selection of travellers includes outback stations, coastal fishing camps, island hideaways, stylish city pads, country retreats, flying safaris, reef or river cruises, wilderness or outback adventures, they’ll encounter welcoming hosts and wonderful Australian characters.

The properties vary widely in location and activities offered, but all have a common commitment to excellence, providing personalised attention in off the beaten path locations. The Tailor’s expertise and connections ensure the most intricate travel arrangements can be organized anywhere in Australia.