The Vintage Lisbon

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The Vintage Lisbon - Mid-century design redefined for today

Welcome to The Vintage, a 5* hotel where one-off art and design can be found in every corner.

Everything they do at The Vintage is a celebration of Lisbon – its architecture, its culture, its beauty. They aim for their guests to enjoy an original, authentic, and indigenous experience of this incredible city. When you stay with them, you will discover a piece of Lisbon to call your own. This is a place to become inspired. A place to relax. A place to play.

Every element has been created in collaboration with local artists, makers, and businesses. Clean, curved, modernist lines, and thoughtfully curated elements of Portuguese design appear throughout the entire hotel. Bespoke 1950s and 1960s furniture pieces showcase the mid-century lifestyle of luxury and glamour. Soothing yet uplifting colour palettes project elegance and joyfulness into the space.

As you relax in your room, discover your own unique vintage bar cart – with a complimentary gin & tonic kit created by Portuguese cocktail expert Nino Lopes. Mix a drink, and take it to the rooftop to enjoy alongside stunning views of Lisbon’s skyline. Every detail of the experience has been carefully considered. From the graphic artworks created by local artists such as João Rei, to the pencils provided by family-owned Portuguese makers Viarco. The Vintage provides an authentic and elevated experience of Lisbon.

Moreover, The Vintage Spa is an immersive sanctuary, where body and soul can become reconnected. Luxurious velvets, deep brick-red walls, and solid brass elements create a grounded, sensual space. Peaceful reflection in the water lounge is encouraged, as organic herbal tea is served in bespoke ceramic pieces, crafted by Lisbon artist Cecile Mestelan. If you're feeling a little more active, the gym includes a range of free weights, a treadmill, stationary bicycle, and balance ball – with a personal trainer available on demand. Full-length mirrors line the walls, alongside a TV, and specially commissioned artworks by Lisbon artist Branca Cuvier.