The Wilderness Group

uNITED KINGDOM & ireland – destInation MASTER

Big enough to make your client's dreams come true, small enough to care

The Wilderness Group DMC brings together the experience and expertise behind leading adventure travel brands Wilderness Scotland, Wilderness Ireland, and Wilderness England and today provides the benchmark for luxury active and experiential travel across the UK & Ireland.

Passion and depth of local knowledge underpin the talent at the Wilderness Group which enables them to create inimitable experiences which connect travellers with the landscape, culture & history. It’s this unique blend that sets them apart, and the reason many clients return each year. From elite couples and families looking to experience the UK and Ireland’s landscapes in luxury to business buyers looking for the ultimate hideaway locations to stimulate their team, the Wilderness Group apply their expert knowledge to create itineraries that excite and inspire every time. From privately guided island tours to active family adventures, from creative whisky tours to exclusive castle stays, you can rely on the Wilderness Group to deliver exceptional experiences, every time. Unlike most DMCs, the Wilderness Group is a fully-functioning tour operator so do not sub-contract to other operators but deliver most experiences through their in-house team, giving them a higher degree of control over the final client experience than other DMCs can offer.

With over 30 full-time office staff and a core team of over 100 professional guides, the Wilderness Group are small enough to deliver a highly personalised level of service but big enough to have an impact in terms of their trusted accommodation and service partner network