The Yeatman

A toast to vintage reserve at The Yeatman in Porto

Imagine waking up each day to the fruity aromas of a Ruby Reserva in the birthplace of Port Wine. The city of Porto is not only the home of Portuguese shipbuilding and fortified wines, it is the fascinating home of The Yeatman, a luxury hotel. Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, The Yeatman represents every aspect of Porto, from its merchant sailing history to its refreshing Portuguese culture and highly renowned varietals of Port.

The Yeatman affords guests extreme lavishness accompanied by the highest quality hospitality through each of its 82 guest rooms and suites. Each guest space is incredibly spacious and affords views from the individual private terraces, overlooking the River Douro. The crown jewel of The Yeatman, the Bacchus Suite, expresses true indulgence in every appointment and accouterments. Bask by the large fireplace in the conservatory or soak in the copper Jacuzzi tub while you become mesmerized by the views of the Port at night.

If merchant trading is considered the body of Porto, food,, and wine are surely considered its heart and soul. At The Yeatman, culinary delights are integral to their hospitality philosophy. Guests have the immense privilege of tasting Michelin Star quality fare, paired with the finest wines, at the gastronomic restaurant. With an ever-present focus on local produce and seafood from the port itself, the restaurant provides tasting menus designed to engage the senses and the spirit.

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