An extreme ‘Lost World’ discovery
Imagine a solid tower of flat topped rock more than 20 kms long, its looming overhanging flanks towering above the floor of the pristine tropical rainforest far below...
Imagine a solid tower of flat topped rock more than 20kms long, its looming overhanging flanks towering above the floor of the pristine tropical rainforest far below. Creating its own weather not to mention myths and legends, it is the largest such table top mountain in the world. Imagine arriving by helicopter and after a thrilling exploration of its labyrinthine summit, descending by double secure rope its gargantuan front prow edged face, camping on a portaledge improbably yet securely attached to its vertical sides during your descent. Imagine further a sugarloaf tower rising from the steamy tropical forests hundreds of miles closer to the nearby equator, then being the first to ever ascend a new route to reach its dizzyingsummit. With a world-class climbing team, former special forces officers in support, with the assistance of local tribal elders and all carefully curated by the Dulabab team of specialists, this dreamlike imagination can become a reality...

The Experience

Pre-training in advance of journey.

All guests need a reasonable degree of physical fitness and complete at least two days training and familiarisation with some of the deployed professional climbing support team in advance of the expedition. The techniques required are essentially lowering and ascending ropes according to industrial rope access techniques and training can take place anywhere in the world where there are tall cliffs or tall trees. It is helpful during training if exposure to considerable height is also experienced to gauge a guest response.
Day 1

Fly to Guyana’s capital, Georgetown

• Private or commercial flight to Georgetown, the capital city of South America’s only English speaking country Guyana. Guests may choose to route via Barbados just 90 minutes away for a very comfortable ‘buffer’ before or after the trip!
• Check into the historic and comfortable colonial era hotel Cara Lodge.
• Late afternoon final kit check and full team briefing.
Day 2

Arrival to the summit of Roraima

• Early morning transfer to Ogle airport, for weight check and air-lift to Roraima.
• Due to weight and distances all team take a Cessna Grand Caravan 2 hours to a remote airstrip at Phillipai from where the helicopter can then shuttle to the summit of Roraima.
• Several shuttles from the sultry lowland jungle to the 3,000m / 9,000ft summit of Roraima are required if the smaller Bell 206 helicopter is used. An alternate larger but more expensive helicopter with a larger lift capacity requiring only one shuttle can also be deployed.
• Establish the light weight expedition camp close to the ‘prow’ and explore the extensive summit area. (A more extensive and comfortable camp could be pre-established)
• If weather is unfavourable we also plan for a contingency day.
Day 3

Exploration of the summit

• A weather contingency day, if favourable a day to explore the other-worldly summit of Roraima.
• More than 20 km long, the summit of the largest table top ‘tepui’ mountain in the world straddle the borders of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.
• Covered in shallow pools, swift streams feeding the astonishing waterfalls on its flanks, deep ravines, intricate and impossibly beautiful flowers this environment is surely one of the least familiar it is possible to encounter anywhere on earth.
• Due to its precipitous flanks, the mountain in fact makes its own weather and with the moist tropical air from the jungle thousands of feet below being pushed up to the cooler air there is an almost constant flux of winds, calm, mesmerising clouds and brief but heavy rain showers.
• Chance to observe the precipitous flanks ranging away from the ‘prow’ of Roraima, and to get a glimpse as well of the launch spot for the following days descent!
Day 4

Begin descending the prow of Roraima

• Pack camp and move to the edge of the prow from where the descent will begin. More people have stood on the moon than have ascended or descended the prow of Roraima.
• All guests have one-on-one professional guidance from some of the worlds best rock climbers who are familiar with this mountain and its surprising idiosyncrasies!
• Guests are double roped and triple checked during each manoeuvre by the support team ensuring at least double redundancy on all safety systems so beyond the exhilaration, spellbinding vistas and dizzying exposure, in reality there is nothing to be concerned about regarding personal safety!
• From anchor point to anchor point, the full team slowly make their way down the wall, with guests directly guided along the way.
• After a number of anchors and lowers, all team arrive at a narrow ledge where the overnight camp is established. The very compact yet sturdy and surprising comfortable bespoke custom-made portaledges are your room with a view this evening!
• Throughout the journey when exposed to height, guests and support crew are always anchored to secure ropes even when asleep.
Day 5

Continue descent of Roraima

• After a hearty breakfast and some good coffee, slowly and carefully pack the portaledge camp.
• It is also possible to relax at the ledge for the day spending another night at the camp of course. Being in the midst of a gargantuan overhanging wall, even if there is some wild weather moving about, the camp is almost completely sheltered. Any time spent there is a sensational experience engaging almost all of the senses!
• The now familiar routine of moving slowly and safely down the wall will be repeated today, until the full team make it to the very bottom of the precipitous wall, in fact where the vertical wall meets the almost vertical forest.
• At this divide between pure rock and tropical forest, another portaledge camp is established to overnight camp.
Day 6

Descent through the vertical slime forest!

• The day is spent on a careful yet thrilling descent through what is called the ‘vertical slime forest’. In many years of experience in tropical forests around the world we have never encountered such an improbable variety of fauna, and within such an extremely exposed and stunning setting as this before.
• Finally, the base camp appears, where the former special forces surgeon expedition medic awaits, along with our jungle specialist and local support. Over a gas light and more hearty food, stories of what has just been witnessed and experienced start to be revealed, the kinds of stories that only make sense or indeed seem plausible around a flickering flame deep in a jungle somewhere!
Day 7

Extraction to Rock View Lodge

• A hill top close to base camp will have been especially cleared, for the dramatic touch and go helicopter pick up, once again shuttling to Phillipai airstrip, less than twenty minutes away.
• An awaiting Cessna Grand Caravan moves the whole team further south in preparation for the second week of adventures! Land at Annai airstrip adjacent to the quaint yet conformable Rock View Lodge to rest for two nights.
Day 8

R&R at Rock View Lodge

• This can be used as a weather contingency day or most likely a full day R&R at Rock View Lodge.
• A chance to enjoy a relaxing breakfast, swing in a hammock, get some clothes and bodies washed, and enjoy the pace of life deep in this remote part of Amazonia.
Day 9

Deploy to Bad Boy mountain!

• Full team Cessna Grand Caravan flight further south to Sand Creek, to await the helicopter shuttles. Flying into a landing area pre-cleared by local indigenous support, arrive into the tropical jungle camp adjacent to the unclimbed Son of Bad Boy mountain...
• Establish a comfortable jungle hammock camp, with locally hewn seating and tables.
Day 10-13

Explore routes, establish fixed lines and summit of ‘Bad Boy Mountain’ (as the locals call it)

• Each day will involve reconnoitring the unclimbed route, and assisting where possible the support team establish a new route and establish fixed ropes on the precipitous face. Jungle survival techniques can also be learned whilst in camp, supported as it is by former special forces survival experts as well as a remote medic and of course local support.
• Rope access skills can also be either adopted or improved by ascending through the canopy by rope to the top of some of the tallest trees, offering a unique perspective on the vibrant forest home below.
• Once a new route and fixed lines have been safely established guests will be guided to just below the summit for them to summit alone, then being the first to complete a new route of this unique and stunning jungle tower!
Day 14

Extraction back to Georgetown

• An early morning start to break the jungle camp and carry the gear to the helicopter landing site.
• Helicopter extraction from Devil’s Peak to Annai airstrip then return by Cessna Grand Caravan to Georgetown.
• If desired guests can also return to Georgetown via some of the astonishing waterfalls that are a feature of this whole country, including an overflight of the worlds largest single drop waterfall by volume the astonishing Kaieteur Falls.
• Overnight stay at Cara Lodge.
Day 15

Contingency day, or time exploring Georgetown

• An additional full day can be factored staying in Georgetown in case of any weather issues, during which additional adventurous excursions are optional of course.
Day 16

Guests return home

• All guests & team depart Guyana.
• Guests can fly directly home, or as on arrival, route via Barbados or elsewhere in the Caribbean for some much needed rest.

An extreme ‘Lost World’ discovery



Accommodation in Georgetown is either at the comfortable, and old-school charming Cara Lodge, or the more modern Marriott. In between the expeditions, deep in the interior the simple, yet comfortable and welcoming Rock View Lodge is the only option and a welcome relief from the extreme camps.

All but the portaledge wall camps on Roraima can be augmented according to client wishes. We favour lightweight expedition camps which can be erected and taken down swiftly, and carried as the team move together. All such camps be they tented on the summit or using hammocks in the jungle can be augmented to make them considerably more comfortable, but this will require advance setup and more associated time, resources and cost. The portaledge camps are the only way to experience this very unusual location and as such, augmenting them is very difficult although more resources could be drafted in according to principal’s distinct wishes.

Practical Information

Pricing guidelines depending on options selected:
• For 2 people from $150,000 to $195,000 per person
• For maximum of 4 pax $80,000 to $110,000 per person. If more guests are desired, please inquire.
Costs not including the Barbados layover or international commercial or private flights.
Guest profile:
• Very well travelled
• Experienced adventurer, preferably level headed and happy with heights!
• Relatively physically fit and able to withstand the rigours of a very lightweight expedition wall camp
• Been there and done it and looking for a unique adventure
• Group of close friends or an even closer couple / partnership

The Organizers

Dulabab excels in creating unique experiences, pioneering adventures and inspirational journeys, all sustainably and responsibly produced and delivered - throughout the world. Every commission draws on decades of team experience in high-end travel curation, professional adventuring and exploration, non-profit engagement, risk mitigation (including an emphasis on security, medical and infection control), private marine and aviation logistics, and film and photography production.

By combining an appreciation of a client’s distinct and discerning needs, with our experience and unparalleled global network of specialists in carefully curating all commissions, unprecedented opportunities naturally arise. Reflecting the needs of an independent, adventurous and curious clientele, our team and eclectic global network are constantly disrupting existing boundaries. Through this enviable network we can ensure guests are at the forefront of which are the next experiences and territories to be expanded and explored.

Fascinated by the world, in awe of its beauty, and curious about its people and cultures, Dulabab clients find inspiration on their travels. Sharing these passions, the Dulabab team listens to, plans collaboratively, creates authentic and transformational programmes, then guides these guests on experiences near and far. These moments transcend the ordinary, leaving everyone involved, truly inspired. Engagement with leading scientists and conservation specialists globally, helps sustain the often fragile and threatened environments and cultures being revealed during guest journeys. Dulabab also carbon balance all business operations including all aspects of client projects through verified calculations and donations to the World Land Trust who use the funds to help protect tropical forests.
Live the Experience