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What comes to mind when you hear Sierra Leone? A lot of questions. A quick peek at the map will remind you, that it is on the West coast of Africa, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the shores. It is the coastal mountain range that inspired the glorious name of the country, which means Lion Mountain, as it looks like a resting lion. That’s the geography lesson but the truth of this land is one of wonder and variety that needs to be experienced.

The Experience

Day 1

Arrive to Sierra Leone

You will land at Lungi Airport and upon leaving the plane a welcoming wall of tropical heat clearly signals you’ve arrived. You are transferred to a hotel that is near the airport. Even on this short drive, it is very clear this is a country rich in colour and character. Your accommodation tonight is a welcome place to lay your heads before commencing the real trip.

You will meet with your Expedition Leader  and you will be provided with a briefing about the exciting journey ahead. 
Day 2

Immerse yourself & experience the destination

You will depart the hotel and head to Masanga Hospital. We will spend two days here. You will realise that this is not just any hospital and discover there is a clear reason it is uniquely included in the itinerary. The two days you will spend here will give you time to adjust to the surroundings but it is part of the journey where you will see the future of Sierra Leone evolving. This kind of trip is about our own experience and also about respecting, learning, and giving back to the place you are visiting.

The accommodation may be simple but the highest star-rating cannot match the extraordinary experience of being welcomed by this place. You will have the opportunity to stay onsite and witness THE day-to-day life of Sierra Leone's staff and those who have come from around the world to work at the hospital.
Day 3

Discover the magic of Masagna Hospital

It is the second day at Masanga Hospital. Today you will have a full tour of the hospital, it’s facilities and staff. The staff will openly tell you what their current projects are, what they aspire to in the future. You may see the school where nurses are being taught about innovative methods that help the hospital function, such as solar panels or recycling equipment. There are potential offsite projects that vary as they are also in a constant state of development or testing for success. Whether it be a farm raising pigs or a local gold mining operation, they are all examples of local industry, human will and, resourcefulness. It is truly a work in progress and an inspiration to hear the history and see the present and future aspirations.
Day 4

Journey to the Loma Mountains

You will leave the hospital this morning in the 4x4’s and head ever closer towards the Loma Mountains, admiring the picturesque scenery en route. This includes the lush greenery and rushing rivers where people are doing laundry, and agricultural plantations in the wide territories.

The plantations may cultivate coffee, rice, cocoa, coconut palms, cassava or, citrus fruits. While passing through unspoiled local villages you will gain an insight into the way of life of these unique people. The final destination is a village at the edge of the Loma mountain range where you will set up camp.
Day 5

Living the local life

You wake up knowing there is another interesting day ahead. Today you start trekking. Each village you pass through will have an interesting story to uncover. The children often run alongside and you will see and greet villagers engaged in their daily tasks of laundry, farming and marvel how the women, in particular, can carry so much on their heads, perfectly balanced. It’s not simply the variety but the impressive volume of colourful plastic bowls, clay pots, or bundles of firewood that they balance improbably while making their way gracefully and effortlessly.
Day 6

Entering the Jungle

As you continue your journey into the jungle there is much to see and the terrain is vibrant and varied. It will include rice fields and groundnut (peanut) crops, verdant jungles where you look up, and see even more green and maybe some fruit high above. You may look down and note the peelings of that same fruit on the ground that a greedy monkey has left behind.

You should reach camp by the afternoon and have some personal time to absorb the wonderful surroundings and experiences.
Day 8

The Summit of Mount Bintumani

This is a momentous day. Today, the goal is to reach the summit of Mount Bintumani. At 1945 metres it is the highest mountain in Sierra Leone and one that is rarely climbed. Sometimes it is concealed among the mists or reveals a subtle hint at its impressive existence. On this trek, you will experience the most varied terrain of our trip yet.  When you enter the jungle there is a different kind of heat and you will walk through or over streams and bound grass bridges. A highlight is the intricate spider or hammock bridge. Every year it is remade, plaited together with leaves and roots.  Finally, in the distance, you will see the mountain. It is impressive. The Dark craggy rock is prominent and acts as a beacon to guide you to the top. 
Day 7

Between Villages & the Jungle

Today you will visit small villages, dense jungle, rivers, and open plains, making your way further in the direction of the mountain peak. That is the direction where your steps are being guided but even more, you are encouraged to absorb the journey. You will finish this day by setting up at a camp beside another stream.

While the tents are being set up, another dinner is being cooked. Sierra Leonean cooks are passionate about their traditional dishes and enjoy presenting them to visitors who have never tasted them before. Many of the dishes are from recipes that are centuries old. Simple and yet flavourful and made over an open fire.
Day 9

The Rolling Hills

After waking up in camp and having breakfast you will start our day trekking in the open rolling plains and then nature will kindly put forward the dense vegetation of the forest for variety.

Experiencing these contrasts makes the days’ walk interesting and refreshing. As you get back to the village bordering the jungle, you will remember the hamlet of mud-brick homes with thatched roofs, bleating goats, women in traditional head-scarves crushing chillies for the evening meal and feel a genuine welcoming. Tonight you will camp in the village.  
Day 11

Beaching & Relaxing

Today you will be waking to the sound of the water against the shore knowing the day ahead is a beach one. If you’ve forgotten where we were overnight, then the first steps outside confirm it’s all still there.

Dazzlingly white sand, fringed by palm trees and a dramatic mountain backdrop. It’s wild, spacious, and feels a world away from most beaches. Fishing is very much a way of life here and you can watch as the nets cast in the morning are pulled in by hand in the evening’s calm tide. Today is a day to relax and unwind in white sand and tropical waters. 
Day 10

Ocean Views

You head to completely different terrain, the coast of Sierra Leone, and beaches.  First a trek through the villages to our vehicles then a drive. This gives you an opportunity to watch the countryside glide past as you, it won’t be long until you are doing what comes naturally in a tropical paradise setting with glorious sand and an unfettered view of turquoise water.

It could be wading, jumping, or splashing in the soothingly warm seawater, strolling along the beach enjoying the sand, or taking a snooze under a palm tree.   
Day 12

Experience a Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Today you will spend time at a chimpanzee sanctuary and see the amazing work the staff does in providing a haven for rescued chimps with the aim of releasing them back into the wild.

You will actually be staying on the grounds of the sanctuary in a beautiful and natural environment, where you will dine hearing the sounds of nature merge with those of your primate neighbours.  
Day 13

Time to Depart

Today you will be leaving Sierra Leone. It was aptly named after the first viewing from the sea, the mountains appeared to resemble a lion, with golden-sand beaches alike its golden coat and tall grass shifting in the breeze similar to that of a lion's mane. It’s vivacious sparkling energy radiating from the people, culture, and landscapes. People, whether in a small village or a city are eager to live each day to the fullest and propel forward into an exciting future. When you are there you will forget about time, the experiences and the views are so rich that you will be fully immersed in the journey. It will become your home for these wonderful days and will have a place in our hearts forever.

Adventure Highlights

  • Climb Mount Bintumani (Loma Mansa), one of the highest mountains in West Africa.
  • Trek through small villages, dense jungle, rivers, and open plains.
  • Visit Masanga Hospital, a rural clinic supported by the Adventure Boutique Foundation and witness the day-to-day life and challenges of the hospital’s staff and patients
  • Explore the tropical paradise along Sierra Leone’s Coast, wide sand beaches and turquoise water.
  • Visit a chimpanzee sanctuary and learn about the non-profit’s amazing work

Practical Information

Recommended group size:  
A group size of four to twelve people. 

A range of accommodation from hotels to tents.

Approximate price (depending on group size) of 7,900€, including most meals, in-country transport, expedition leader and local guides, charity contribution and accommodation. This excludes the international flights.

Best time to visit:
The best time to visit Sierra Leone is winter, in December and January in inland areas and from December to March along the coast, where the temperature is more stable. The worst months are those of summer, from July to September, when the rains, often torrential, create extensive flooding.

The Organizers


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