Three Camel Lodge

Enjoy an authentic Mongolian experience at Three Camel Lodge

Travel far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, into the Gobi Desert and you will eventually arrive at Three Camel Lodge. The trip from the airport to the Eco-lodge through the wilderness is approximately 70 km along dirt roads and gives you a foretaste of the adventures you’re about to enjoy. Three Camel Lodge was founded to provide accommodation for tourists in the Gobi Desert without damaging the environment, culture, and people of the region. A mixture of relaxation and adventure await you while you are also being educated in the ways of the nomadic people who descend from Genghis Khan. The Lodge serves as a base for travellers, filmmakers, adventurers and best of all for a relaxing holiday, it’s technology-free. The Gobi Desert is much as it was thousands of years ago and remains sparsely populated. Nomadic herders roam the desert as they did in the days of Genghis Khan, their spiritual home as sacred to them in the 21st century as it was in the 12th century.

The Lodge partners with Nomadic Expeditions to take you on a tour that will be exciting, energetic, and send you to the Massage Ger when you return. The accepted vision of the Gobi is vast areas of sand dunes in a fearful wilderness but there is much more to the Gobi Desert. Mountains, lakes, colourful fauna and lots of birds will surprise you if you haven’t visited previously. Enjoy drinks and Mongolian music in the sunset at the foot of the Flaming Cliffs where evidence of dinosaurs was found. Take a horseback or bike ride, and star gazing will be a delight not often experienced. A variety of animals populate the Gobi, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, gazelle, wild camel and Gobi bears share their space with vultures and eagles.

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