Maximize your returns from the Indian market with THRS

THRS is India’s leading hospitality consulting and services company focused on sales representation, integrated marketing and public affairs. With recognized industry leader Yeishan Goel at the helm, a dedicated team of leading professionals with decades of collective experience in the high-end market excels in offering bespoke solutions to their valued, international clientele.

A wide scope of services and dedicated industry expertise is available to the finest hospitality brands worldwide. THRS holds the keys to maximizing economic returns and augments brand acuity on the Indian region through sales representation, PR and media solutions, partnership & alliance marketing and/or marketing activations and high-octane events. Their sales expertise with luxury brands is at the core of their business proposition.
Understanding the unique DNA of each and every of their partners and implementing high precision strategies has enabled them to consistently drive successful outcomes for their clients.

THRS’ PR practice comprises of tourism and hospitality communication experts who understand the pulse of the luxury traveler. As messaging custodians of some of the world’s finest brands, they are responsible for building and strengthening the public reputations of their partners’ brands through supercharged, content-led exposures. Add the consumer marketing resolution that was initially introduced to assist key accounts in realizing goals that their sales and corporate affairs verticals weren’t addressing in their purest forms and it should be clear that THRS is guaranteed to make a difference to your bottom line too.

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