Time + Tide Tsara Komba

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Time + Tide Tsara Komba - A unique retreat set against the backdrop of Madagascar’s breathtaking landscapes

Offering a forest-to-reef safari, with an array of activities on land and sea, as well as gourmet dining where fresh, local ingredients take centre stage, Time + Tide Tsara Komba is a luxurious hideaway nestled on the lush slopes of Nosy Komba, an island off the northwest coast of Madagascar, easily accessible via a short boat trip from Nosy Be.

Renowned for its verdant natural beauty, Tsara Komba offers guests a retreat that merges seamlessly with the vibrant life of the surrounding forest and ocean and an experience that perfectly balances relaxation with adventure. Here, luxury is personal, travel is impactful, and the preservation of our natural world is paramount.

As for the suites, Tsara Komba is the epitome of tranquillity and seclusion. This hidden gem offers serene beauty and makes for an unforgettable escape from the world. In total, there are eight Ocean View Rooms: six rooms of 90m2 that can accommodate 3 people and two Ocean View Suites of 120m2, which can accommodate up to 4 people. Of course, each one has views of the bay in front of the lodge.