Torre a Cona

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Torre a Cona - A Wine Estate in the Florence Hills

Surrounded by 200 hectares of fields, gardens, woods, vineyards, and olive groves, the property owned by the Conti Rossi di Montelera is the embodiment of a multi-faceted lifestyle that encompasses and harmonises culture and dedication, nature and beauty.

A historic residence in a contemporary key, Torre a Cona is a leading wine estate, a warm, elegant villa offering hospitality, and an Osteria modern in approach but following solidly in the footsteps of tradition. The estate is a veritable microcosm that gives its visitors the impression of true immersion in Tuscany’s enchanting lifestyle, a hidden corner that invites guests to share in its inimitable equilibrium.

The historic centre of Florence and its artistic treasures lie just a few kilometres away, and once here, the visitor steps into a Renaissance painting. Set on a natural balcony at 400 metres’ elevation, Torre a Cona enjoys a panoramic view out over the Florentine countryside, with its precious vine-rows and olive groves, and cypresses like many brush-strokes.

The fine wines and Vermouth, crafted in limited quantities within the historic cellars, add another layer to the experience. Guided tours and immersive experiences are designed to share the essence of this land with curious travellers seeking profound emotions and everlasting memories. Torre a Cona invites you to discover the authentic essence of Tuscany—a place where nature, refined simplicity, and contemporary elegance converge.