Touring Israel


Touring Israel, a bespoke travel outfit for three continents

At the intersection of three continents lies the Middle East, a repository of religious wonders, ancient cities, and the destination of millions of travellers throughout the centuries. If you are one of the many people who eagerly seek to journey through the nation of Israel, you will benefit immensely from the customized destination management services of Touring Israel. Renowned for its private tailor-made tours, Touring Israel can provide both active and restful vacations to its clients, offering a spectrum of activities as varied as the land itself. Founded in 1997 by Joe Yudin, Touring Israel has a long history of delivering the best in bespoke excursions to its clientele, always with a level of comfort and splendour that cannot be matched in the region.

Over the years, Touring Israel has developed an amazing repertoire of guided tours of the country and its environs. Able to create a schedule entirely suited to your specific interests, this bespoke outfit is thoroughly connected through the cities of Israel, and in the countryside as well. You have a breathtaking choice of routes available to you, from the greener north to the southern stretches of the Negev Desert, and the marvels of the Dead Sea. Specific interest in Christian or Jewish themes is easily accommodated, and Touring Israel can design a map of sites that will thrill the devout with its living religious power. More earthly interests are also a part of Touring Israel’s offerings, with impressively sumptuous journeys through the boutiques and spas of Tel Aviv as a more modern option for your explorations.