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Guests dream it, Tripwix ambassadors create it!

Catering to the discerning traveller, Tripwix is a quality-driven team of professionals dedicated to changing the face of luxury home hospitality one house at a time in handpicked destinations throughout the world. From Punta Mita and Los Cabos in Mexico, to Caribbean Islands like Barbados, to the Algarve and the Douro Valley in Portugal, to the rolling Tuscan hills of Italy to name but a few top destinations, Tripwix serves a niche a high-end market with 100% personalized services.

When it comes to making sure rental homes are top-notch, Tripwix truly walks the talk, sending trained experts with a background in luxury hospitality and interior design to inspect every home it includes in its curated portfolio of hosted homes. Leaving no pillow unturned, Tripwix curators approve less than 20% of the homes they inspect and respectfully advise homeowners on ways to improve their rental properties to best serve luxury seekers.

Most importantly, on the ground in each destination, guests and homeowners alike receive VIP treatment from a local Tripwix ambassador with deep roots in the community. Ambassadors become the friend-of-the-friend everyone wishes they had when visiting a new destination or returning to a favourite spot. They are on hand 24/7 to ensure guest safety and well-being as well as to deliver those toe-tingling authentic experiences only locals know. Meeting that eccentric artist, heading to the restaurant serving grandma’s recipes or reaching that hidden beach few know how to get to, Tripwix Ambassadors go that extra mile with a professional human touch.