Unique Adriatic Villas


Magnificent private villas in Croatia and Montenegro with Unique Adriatic Villas

The Adriatic coast has recently become the go-to place for high-end holidays.  As part of the Adriatic Concierge company, Unique Adriatic Villas is there to help you find truly hidden gems across Montenegro and Croatia. Each exceptional villa has been handpicked and personally inspected and categorized in Silver, Gold, and Platinum collections in order to suit everyone’s specific lifestyle.

This villa collection is named ‘unique’ after the distinctive experience guests enjoy at their chosen private villa. Whether it’s the imposing, 15th century Villa Pugliesi with its historic charm, or the modern and luxurious villas as Amelie, Casa Del Mare expect an astonishing setting to come coupled with outstanding service and great dedication.

Each property is perfectly complimented with the skill of its Manager, who will gladly handcraft your stay precisely to your liking. Your Villa Manager will welcome you upon arrival. Introducing you to both the little treasures and general modus operandi of the villa, your first encounter will leave you with everything you need to make the best of your stay. As your holiday continues, the Villa Manager remains your contact for anything you may need as your own Private Concierge.

Unique Adriatic Villas stands for a guaranteed, most memorable holiday experience.


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