Unique Private Estates

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Explore a totally different Spain with Unique Private Estates

Unique Private Estates offers an unknown Spain that will surprise you. Experience Spain in a new way and stay at the most unique private estates and rediscover the beauty of the countryside, where luxury meets nature.

What makes the difference and makes Unique Private Estates stand out is their selection of exclusive private homes that hold the essence of the traditions of the Spanish area where they are located, and the tailor-made personalized service that is provided. 

The unique and inviting estates, all with their own staff, offer unparalleled service. Each of every property is full of charm and authenticity, allowing guests to discover the true Spanish essence. The exquisite décor and comfort in every room and corner of the properties make guests feel at home right from the very moment of their arrival. If travellers demand full privacy an extraordinary service, if they are looking for the feeling of being on their own but still want to get anything they need when they wish for from the efficient and discrete staff, the properties of Unique Private Estates are the best choice for them.

Get to know the other side of Spain: its history, tradition, modernity and exclusivity. Unique Private Estates offers an immersive experience in the regions where each estate is located, and most importantly, is able to design and personalise each experience to the liking of all guests with almost no limits.