Vana Malsi Estate

Enjoy Intransigent Wellness at the Vana Malsi Estate

Engage every aspect of your being in the Arcadian and tranquil setting of the Vana Malsi Estate. Nestled in Dehradun on a pervasive 21-acre demesne, the Vana and its staff are ready to create a personalized wellness itinerary for each guest. More than just a destination spa or a retreat, Vana offers an entirely transformative experience. The Vana Malsi Estate was built for reflection, relaxation, and healing. The architects and artists who collaborated in Vana’s design have an unparalleled perception of what it means to live and love within one’s self. As such, each of the living spaces within the estate is built around the doctrine of nature and silence. Combining contemporary design with rustic elements evokes a sense of serenity, allowing you to restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit. The use of natural materials employed throughout the estate immediately proffers a sense of calm. To feel at peace with one’s self, you must feel at peace with your surroundings, Vana’s earthy palette and abundant gardens will soothe all of your senses.

A stay in one of Vana Malsi Estate’s rooms or suites will provide the comforts of home in a sanctuary setting. Participate in the daily guided meditation or yoga, stroll along the many winding paths near the edge of the Sal forest, or enjoy one of the many musical performances offered each day. Vana Malsi Estate offers a full range of Spa services as well as a state of the art fitness centre.

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