Venice Luxury Services

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Hosting is Venice Luxury Services' talent, taking care of your client is their mission

They host their guests as if they're family, introducing them to real Venetians and to the long list of Venetian excellencies. They share 1500 years of history in a fun fascinating way. A guest of Venice Luxury Services leaves Venice better than they found it, as they contribute to improving both their own knowledge, as well as Venice itself. Being sustainable is the core of what they do, for the generations to come. Each Venice Luxury Services guest becomes a part of the renovation and restoration of the patrimony of this incredible place.

She is an experts in Judaism and has the only full VIP Jewish Tour, which includes places not available to a common guide. If you're a multigenerational family, a group of friends or a couple, the tours will be adapted to you and your preferences. Like extreme? Keen of wine? Crazy for boats? Your client's preferences are the core of what Venice Luxury Services does best. Gluten free, too old to walk for long or traveling in incognito, for Avi it's a no-brainer. "We will fix this for you" and "It will be taken care of" are part of her routine. Avi is an expert in celebrities and their families. Avoiding paparazzi is something she's done more than once. She realises the delicacy of these kind of guests and adapts accordingly.