Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort

Ventana Big Sur, a luxury enclave in a place of unmatched beauty and tranquillity

Ventana Big Sur lies in the heart of one of the most majestic landscapes on earth. Perched at the edge of the world, where the dramatic Santa Lucia mountains plunge into the Pacific Ocean, the combination of heart-stopping scenery and rustic luxury promises to inspire and invigorate guests.

Private sanctuaries, ranging from rooms to houses, are clustered amongst the meadows and ancient redwoods, each a sophisticated haven featuring warm wood and leather interiors, with plush beds, expansive bathrooms and private balconies.

For those wishing to start the day with activity, complimentary yoga sessions are followed by guided walks around the property whilst afternoon wine and cheese tastings are part of the package.

In between, there are two outdoor heated pools, connected to Japanese hot baths, a sumptuous spa, art gallery and a lodge-like restaurant serving fresh Californian coastal cuisine on an ocean-view deck.

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