VILASA – India on a platter

India on a platter for you: If you want culinary, culture & crafts together?

Incredible India, is an effortless choice for having a grand time, whether it's being pampered and living like grandeur in a former palace or snuggling into a luxury tent under starry skies. Whether you prefer old-school courtesies or more buttoned-down hospitality, a city suite or jungle villa, a holiday gathering, or a getaway for one, India is all of this in one!

Given the diversity of the country, you'll have the opportunity to explore cultures, architecture, places expressing themselves with people and transitioning into one and another. As you consider new and exceptional experiences, there are unparalleled experiences and offers that VILASA brings to the table with the Indian subcontinent.

The secret sauce? It's all about those genuine human-to-human connections they forge with local communities, their knack for uncovering off-the-beaten-path gems, and their ability to customize every aspect of the journey based on travellers’ preferences.

At VILASA, they understand that the trips you’ll cherish for life are the ones that make you feel something; sight, smell, sound and touch that turn into a kaleidoscope of memories. They make sure that travellers go beyond just sight “seeing”, they are more the sight “feeling” type. The company designs experiences that you won’t find elsewhere.

It’s called “Unlocking” Luxury for a reason!