Villa Barranco by Ananay Hotels

Peru – sleep MASTER

Villa Barranco by Ananay Hotels - Boutique hotel all about style and sustainability

The exclusive Hotel Villa Barranco by Ananay Hotels, located near the coast of Barranco in Lima, is a beautifully restored 1916 republican-era house. The restoration has meticulously preserved the original architecture and art, ensuring guests feel as though they're stepping into a cinematic experience.

The hotel's walls are adorned with art, and the rooms feature intricate ceiling moldings and carefully chosen decorations that enhance the aesthetic appeal. Local artisans were tasked with restoring elements like mosaic friezes, stucco work, elegant balconies, and French terracotta roof tiles. The interior design aims to create a timeless capsule, with designers spending over a year and a half sourcing contemporary elegant pieces, Lima crafts, a perfect mix of antiques, and striking artworks.

The hotel offers warm and comfortable rooms where spaciousness is key, along with unique and exclusive design elements across all facilities, promising an unforgettable stay. Villa Barranco is committed to environmental sustainability, seeking eco-friendly solutions that cater to guests' needs while responsibly enhancing their experience.