Villa Viva la Diva

greece – estate MASTER

Try to imagine the perfect scenery for your holiday escape

A magnificent villa, right at the beach, with an infinity pool, breath-taking surroundings and royal service with high-tech facilities to offer an accommodation that is not to be forgotten. Now, add privacy and luxury to all these and enter into the Viva la Diva villa’s magical world, in Corfu, Greece.

Where to start with? Its amazing location next to the Ionian Sea? Its fantastic private beach with the out of this world turquoise waters? Its amazing landscape all around? Or the VIP services that guarantee the absolute royal treatment?

Viva la Diva is the place that pushes the guest to wake up early, enjoy the morning coffee gazing at sunrise, spend the whole day on a private beach, or drive to the Ionian’s hidden shores on a private yacht. Open the villa’s large sliding windows and let the imagination run wild, breathing the air of the sea and cherishing this amazing sense of freedom, as if somebody is on a yacht, in the middle of the ocean.

Relax in one of the seven different suites, with their splendid versatile lounge design furniture, and let your dreams come true in a way that extends far beyond your expectations!

Viva la Vida - Viva La Diva!